How to Play Kane (Ka'elthas Patch) by BruceSwain

How to Play Kane (Ka'elthas Patch)

By: BruceSwain
Last Updated: May 14, 2015
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Arthas Undertaker too strong. He's beaten you twice at Wrestlemania, and you've failed to end the streak.

Kane: The Big Red Machine Top

After the appearance of Kane in the 2015 Extreme Rules, I felt disheartened that the once juggernaut of the company fell to being a corporate lackey for the Authority. So I dedicate this guide to everyone favorite red giant for Blizzard's Red Giant. I hope this guide will redeem Kane in the eyes of everyone and show how Kane is suppose to utilized in the company, rather than this suit-wearing yes-man that the "hellspawn" was reduced to. As I tested this in my games, I felt as if Kane ripped through the dimension of reality and into HotS. I saw him wreck every hero that came into his wake. I hope you readers will follow in this path and unleash Kane onto the battlefield.

The Ka'elthas Patch Changes Top

Diablo got a pretty large rework of his talent tree and traits. It will be a while before I can fully review it, but for now I will adjust the build with the changes

Kane's Abilities Top

Your passive is what makes you unkillable. The people who you defeat in the ring make you stronger and tougher an opponent. Some of the most famous all-stars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have all felt your raw strength and power. At the peak of your career, you will avoid getting buried by the Undertaker or John Cena by making a quick and strong comeback.

Your Q is your punches and your body slam. You are an immovable rock in the ring and a juggernaut who is virtually unstoppable when coming at your foe. Push them back with ease and leave them stunned with your strength.

Your W summons your immense hell prowess. Every time you enter a battle, the fires of hell are summoned which leave your opponent in terror and fear for their lives. The fire burns eternal fear into their hearts and leave them open for your signature moves.

Your E is your signature move. The choke slam. The shoe stopper. Use this often to show your dominance and strength to the WWE Universe and the fans cheering on your opponent. This is your bread and butter that cannot be extinguished no matter how much dirty work you have to do for The Authority or Seth Rollins.

Your Heroics are just the whipped cream and cherry on top of your wrestling career.

Explanation of Talent Tree Top

Level 1: Soul Feast. (NEW!) More health regen per soul. Stay in combat longer, fight more, perform more Choke Slams. Great talent.

Level 4: Demonic Strength. All that gym time has paid off. You look in top shape and it puts you at peak performance. Now your Choke Slam is more impactful and higher, leaving the audience in shock and awe as you pull it off relentlessly.

Level 7: Soul Steal. (NEW!) RIP Battle Momentum for this build. This trait gives you more health from your passive making you a true force to be reckoned with. More souls stolen with your passive, the stronger you are and the more Choke Slams you can do.

Level 10: Apocalypse. Every time you enter the ring, you leave anyone in the ring and outside it....stunned in immense fear. This ability gives you that presence in the ring, the cage, the octagon, or where ever you may be choke slamming some wannabe into the dirt.

Level 13: Life Leech.(NEW!) RIP Relentless. With Life Leech you do bonus damage based on their health, meaning when you go in and brawl, you do more damage. With this damage, you heal for the same amount. Playing this with Soul Feast makes your Health Regen crazy good.

Level 16: Continuous Overpower. You have two hands? Now you have two times the choke slam. Its time to pull off those double choke slams on tag teams or double-teaming wannabes who want to take the WWE World Champion Belt away from you. SEND THEM TO HELL KANE!

Level 20: Bolt of the Storm. Its time for the surprise choke slam. While they are stunned in fear of your entrance music and pyrotechnics show, get behind them and do a powerful choke slam. The opponent will probably will get some other super stars to go after you, but with your strength and are literally unstoppable.

Changelog Top

5/14/15: Updated for Ka'elthas Patch. Build and explanation redone.

Final Words. Top

If you need some inspiration before a game, watch this compilation of amazing choke slams by the Red Machine in the ring:

Remember: SEND THEM TO HELL, KANE and win the WWE World Championship.

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