Hungering Arrow Abuse Build by BlazeHN

Hungering Arrow Abuse Build

By: BlazeHN
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2015
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Hello, this guide its all about dealing very high burst damage while also having excellent mobility and even sustain all at the same time.

This build relies mostly on 4 talents that works with perfect synergy between them, those are Siphoning Arrow, Puncturing Arrow, Repeating Arrow and Tumble.

With this you can shot a Hungering Arrow that heals you 50% of the damage, it will travel 25% longer and will hit a total of 4 times, then you can Vault and shot another Arrow (with all of the above benefits) and then repeat it once again, for a total of 12 Hungering Arrow, you also shoot Multishot on any proper moment, and ending with Strafe. This whole combo deals insane high damage, you can take down a tank easily with it but of course this is purely offensive use, you will not always use the skills like that but a mix of defensive and offensive moves will do the job. You also get Frost Shot which helps you to hunt down fleeing heroes, engage team fights and even save friends on danger, very handy tool. Tempered by Discipline its also a good option to get more sustain.

The best part is that you don't rely that much on you autoattack (standing still), and you can most of the time keep moving and Strafing while casting skills and doing orb walking attacks each second to stack Hatred and deal even more damage between skills and when your allies are tanking, you also get some nice healing from the multiple

The only con of this build is that you run out of mana very quickly with this combos, but the huge amount of damage you output makes it totally worh. Like 90% of time I end as top hero damage of the 10 players with this build. Hope you can try it and like it too, and your feedback would be appreciated. :)

Thanks for reading!

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