Illidan: Feel the hatred of ten thousand wins by Gunslinger

Illidan: Feel the hatred of ten thousand wins

By: Gunslinger
Last Updated: Dec 6, 2016
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Build: Illidan anti meele build

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Threats to Illidan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Brightwing She's easy to get, but she's mobile.
Zagara Have no fear, casue zagara is here.
Jaina Low mobility, medium ability damage. Not that nasty.
  No Threat
Greymane Be aware of the WolfMan!!!
Tracer She is extremely mobile and has a hard hitting heroic.
Li-Ming She still has big ability damage. Watch out!
Lunara She has pretty strong basic attack, 120% movement speed but low health.
Falstad He has some dangerous AOE.
Xul His dangerous abilities are bone prison and his AOE attack.
Nova Just the usual Nova.
Zeratul Can cause problems.
Muradin Dangerous with stuns.
Uther Don't get too close.
Dehaka Watch out for drag!
The Butcher don't let hime charge on you.

Illidan's abilities Top

Illidan's Q ability is Dive. It is his longest range gap closing ability.This is the ability that Illidan uses to dive into fights, or get out of them. This is extremly useful because you jump to the other side of your opponent so you can body block an enemy easier this way. It is an ability that helps Illidan basicly chase forever when combined with Sweepin Strike.

Illidan's W ability is Sweeping Strike. When using this ability you basicly dash towards the direction you pointed. This is an ability that you always want to be on CD because you get damage boost from it. It helps you when chasing an enemy hero.

Illidan's E ability is Evasion. It can be etxremely useful when timed properly because it causes all enemy basic attacks to miss(do no damage) for 2,5 seconds. This is very nice. because usually if you dive in, you will get focused instantly. The 15 seconds long CD may be scary but remember Illidan's passive ability reduces the cooldown by 1 second/auto attack.

Illidan's Passive ability is Betrayer's Thirst. In my opinion this is one of the most powerful passives in this game. It heals you equal to 30% of your basic attacks' damage. It also reduces your cooldowns by 1 second per autoattack.

Illidan's first heroic ability is The hunt. This allows you to charge to a targetand stun him/her in pretty big range but not global. It is really fun and mostly useful if you want to gank. It is perfect for taking out single targets, but instantly gets behind when t comes to teamfights.

Illidan's second heroic ability is Metamorphosis. This Heroic Ability is hands-down better for teamfights, you'll want to pick this talent in the majority of games. It increases your health by 208 for each hero it hits. With this being said, you want to use this in the start of teamfights. It can also be used as an escape ability but I do not recommend that.

Level 1 Top

I always saw people picking either Immolation or Unending Hatred I tought I'd share my ideas with you on Battered Assault . As you probably read, you have to hit 2 or more heroes to get a 125% damage boost for 3 seconds. This is a talent I recommend when there are mostly meele heros in the enemy team. The reason is in that case that is way easier to get this boost because they have to get close to you to damage you. It is also an extremely good aganist Samuro . For this build I recommend either battered assault or unending hatred if you would like more survivability.

Level 4 Top

I think this talent tier is mostly based on what you like better: playing kind of solo or having to depend a bit on your team. If you want the first, Unbound is perfect for you, and with the buf of it not too long ago,I feel like this is an extremely good talent. For you out there who like premades and depend on his/her team, then Friend or Foe is your way to go.

Level 7 Top

Now let's get to the healing. Still remember the level 1 talent Battered Assault? Good.
If you have boosted damage, then you have boosted healing from your passive ability Betrayer's Thirst .

The way I see it is if you have the option for more healing from the same amount of damage, then that's what you should go for. With this being said, our choice is Thirsting Blade . Because this build focuses on basic attack damage boost and not abilities(they do not have high damage)it doesn't worth choosing Hunter's Onslaught .

Level 10 Top

Let's just say it, The Hunt is way more fun than Metamorphosis , BUT for this build Metamorphosis is more useful.

The reason behind is basicly if you manage to get the damage boost from Battered Assault you want to get as many hits in as possible. Now this heroic ability doesn't change your attack speed YET, but on level 20 this will change, I promise. At least this ultimate will help with your survivability by getting some hp-s if there are enemy heroes in its range.

Level 13 Top

If there aren't any AA heroes on the enemy side this is an easy choice. You basicly have to use your Sweeping Strike all the time, then why not gain a 25% resistance that Nimble Defender gives. Elusive Strike is great IF Evasion there are some AA oriented heroes aganist you.

Level 16 Top

Another hard decision isn't it? Go with some ability burst from Marked for Death , pick the good old(actually new but meh) Fiery Brand or either Blades of Azzinoth .

If you payed attention while reading, you noticed that we build for bonus damage and the healing from it. So now 1 out of 3, now we have 2 that focus on basic attack damage. Fiery Brand sounds awsome with the 6% health BUT 4 continous basic attack can be hard if your opponent knows the notion of retreating. It is more of a tankkiller talent.

We have 1 talent left:Blades of Azzinoth . It is true that you need to hit 5 enemy heroes BUT a lot of people think that you need to hit all 5 of them at the same time. This is a fales information. You can get the 5 heroes either by hitting the same enemy hero 5 times or just slowly but surely hit one hero, then a few seconds after another one and so on until you reach 5. Then you can activate this ability and get some burst damage up and running.

Level 20 Top

As it was said before, we need the Metamorphosis's level 20 upgrade to gain attack speed. Now you probably ask why not go with Nexus Blades . It would probably increase your damage output a little bit, but with Demonic Form you get 50% reduced disable time too wich increases your overall survivability. Another option would be Bolt of the Storm wich lets you teleport in a kind of big range and has 60 seconds cooldown. This teleportation is also an option with Demonic Form with higher cooldown and a bit smaller range, but a simple teleportation doesn't give you attack speed and reduced disable time.

Changelog Top

2016.12.06.-Updated the guide for latest Illidan changes in the patch 22.0

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