Illidan Slippery Assasin by chaw562

Illidan Slippery Assasin

By: chaw562
Last Updated: Dec 9, 2014
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Things to know when playing Illidan Top

For all intensive purposes i will be referring to abilities by their default hotkey. q dive w sweeping strike e evasion r meta d thrill of battle.

Job and play style, From what I've gathered playing and getting good results is Illidans job in any given team fight is to apply damage and misdirect the enemy team with high mobility, because Illidan dances around the battle field he confuses the enemy and what confuses the enemy they take as a sign of disrespect and there gonna come back and clap you up.

Illidan has very low cool downs thnx to his passive but don't go eating ham sandwiches all day sometimes its best to pool your dives and evasions to actually be used reactively instead of on cd. That karrigen thinks she's cool with her suck in spikes and stun combo but too bad for her you are a ninja and you dive behind her and dodge her wombo. This is not WoW Evasion works while cc'd so if you see some people getting froggy and lining up a stun you cannot avoid pop that evasion and soak all the autos for the duration until you can w away twice and q to a teammate, ez money.

Basically this build gives you full use of your kit by maximizing cool downs while still applying hefty amounts of damage.

final tid bit R is god tier escape causes you to be immune while you jump and then jump big distances away so don't save that cool down for the next team fight always use it early to avoid burst or use it late to get out of there and cause more confusion. They gone learn today.

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