Illidan Stormrage (the Betrayer) by AzCii

Illidan Stormrage (the Betrayer)

By: AzCii
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2014
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Build: Metamorphosis

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Introductions Top

Illidan is a very vulnerable Assasin, especially in early game, it's importent to always keep a close eye on his health.

  • Extreamly good at chasing
  • Very strong in 1vs1 fights
  • Good at clearing mercenary camps in mid and late game

  • Not so good in team fights
  • Vulnerable agains crowd control
  • Can't poke without loosing health

Abilities Top

Betrayer's Thirst
Illidan's passive reduces Ability cooldown and provides Lifesteal, without this Illidan would be useless.

Use dive to engage fights and use it to body block when chasing a hero down, Dive can also be used to escape by jumping over an enemy minion or wall.

Sweeping Strike
This is your most important escape tool so use it with care, Sweeping Strike can also be used when chasing when you are confident that escape is not needed.

This ability is what make Illidan so good a tanking and clearing mercenary camps, it can also be used to avoid hits from Towers and of cause basic attacks.

Use this ability to do AoE damage, it will encrease your attack speed and health and it's prissless in teamfights, when fighting bosses and when taking down structures.

The Hunt
I don't focus on The Hunt in this guide, but it can be used to case down and stun a Hero from a great distance.

Talents Top

Level 1
Use Seasoned Marksman to build up your Attack Damage in the early game by killing minions in one or two lanes, always use the opportunities you get to kill some minions.
In Blackheart's Bay Battered Assault might be a better choise, as you won't have much time in lanes.

Level 4
Get Thirsting Blade to help keep up your health, when you get low on health, killing some minions or smashing a wall, will quickly get your health up again.

Level 7
Unless you have a very good support, get First Aid to avoid too much down time, Thrill of Battle is a good option if you have not problems keeping your health up.

Level 10
Get Metamorphosis to make Illidan usefull in team fights. The Hunt can be a good pick for if your team is ahead, but due to Illidan's ability to chase with Dive and Sweeping Strike, Metamorphosis will normally be my first choice.

Level 13
Giant Killer will help you take out tanky heroes alot easier, you can also go for Sixth Sence if you are having problems with heavy abillity heroes like Nova.

Level 16
Getting Hunter's Onslaught will give that last health boost in Team Fights that Illidan needs, Stoneskin is also a very good option and Blood for Blood is good if you are playing agains very tanky heroes.

Level 20
Get Demonic Form as Bolt of the Storm is not worth it in my opinion.

About Me Top

I'm AzCii, This i my first Heroes of the Storm Hero guide, I wrote it on Illidan as he is currently my favorit hero, despite his squishiness.

The guide is still being updated.

I would really appreciate constructive comment, feedback and suggestions.

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