Illidan, The Lord of Shadows by Zikimura

Illidan, The Lord of Shadows

By: Zikimura
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2015
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Build: Relentless Illidan

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Introduction and Basics Top

Illidan is a melee assasin, who generally specialises in quick battles with his abilities allowing him to engage and disengage at just the right time to take out a key enemy and turn the tide of a team battle. That is, if played properly. This guide however, I have designed with beginner Illidan players in mind, to help them get used to his abilities and the strategies he needs to employ in battle to be most effective. It boasts survivability as it's specialty, making sure to keep The Betrayer in battle long enough to be useful.

As I, myself, am a beginner player with this champ, this build has helped me better understand what to do and what not to do when playing with him.

Eventually, I plan on adding other builds that are more specific, but that will not happen until I become better with him.


- Familiarise yourself with the abilities of other champions, so that you will know who you should focus on during team fights. But read the don'ts first, m'kay?

- Use camouflage early on, and generally when you want to start a fight or escape from one. It has saved my hide more times than I can count.

- Use the wells whenever you can. Which will be pretty often untill you become good enough to not do stupid sh!t and get killed easy.


- Rush into battle, even if it your team has more players on your side. Illidan is squishy as hell, even with this build. He'll get flattened.

- Fall into a trap when you see an almost dead player, moving alone. Boy, was I stupid. Ganks are waiting around the corner.

- Go against Raynor or Stitches early on. You won't see it coming. They are [email protected]#$ing traps. A lot of people forget Adrenaline Rush when they charge Raynor only to eat a Penetration Shot to the face and end up as roadkill. Stitches' Vile Gas should become a natural repellent against any offensive when you see that hulking piece of rotten meat. And his Hook. Never forget the hook.

- Push too hard, you'll get ganked. I can't stress this enough. I've seen other Illidan players make the mistake of pushing empty lanes in an attempt to take it quickly, thinking that their abilities will help them escape. It did not end well. You. Are. Not. RAYNOR! Don't do it.

- Don't get cocky with Metamorphosis or The Hunt. Use netiher to start a fight or attempt to end it. For reference as to why not, check stipulation one.

Notes Top

Once I find out how to write out tables for the abilities and maps, I will begin writing things out. Please be patient as I am new to writing guides.

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