Imrafiki's Anub'arak Beetle Build (Rank 1 Hero League) by Imrafiki

Imrafiki's Anub'arak Beetle Build (Rank 1 Hero League)

By: Imrafiki
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2015
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Build: The Beetles

Level 1
Level 4
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Level 10
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Table of Contents: Top

1) Pros & Cons

2) Build explanation

3) Maps/Playstyle

4) Videos

5) Summary

6) Twitch/YouTube

1) Pros & Cons: Top


-Good mobility

-Great sustain

-Good crowd control

-Good damage (better as the game goes on)

-Great zone potential

-Decent jungle clear

-Amazing Team Fight


-Low damage early game

-No sustain until level 7

-Can't control beetles

2) Build Explanation: Top

Level 1 Top

Extended Spikes:

Never. There is no good reason to take this talent. In some rare cases the range could come in for a clutch, far range knock up, but there's just not enough situations that make Extended Spikes a viable talent.

Persistent Carapace:

Never. The extra duration on the shield is useless since most likely when you use it people are hitting you then, and therefor will be burnt through regardless of how long the shield last.

Assault Scarab:

Always. This is by far the most effective. Some might wonder why would you get a "damage" talent on a Warrior. You do this because at level 7, when you get Leaching Scarabs, it makes you tanky because the Beetles heal you for 50% of the damage they do. So this actually helps you not only do more damage, but also have great sustain.

Regeneration Master:

Okay. This talent is decent but less viable than Assault Scarab. The regeneration can be decent but you will get more heath back from your beetles healing.

Level 4 Top


Never. The increase range and lower cool down is okay. The range on Burrow Charge is already far, so the little extra range wont do much.


Never. Reduce non-hero damage isn't really necessary since you can clear most jungle camps after level 7 without losing heath.

Locust Needles:

Never. Area of effect damage on auto attacks not worth it.

Legion of Beetles:

Always. Spawns a beetle every 8 seconds. More beetles is more damage and more healing.

Level 7 Top

Leeching Scarabs:

Always. The other talents do nothing compared to this talent. This is when you get your first power spike. Your beetles now heal! Nothing more to really say here.

Level 10 Top

Locust Swarm:

Great. This ultimate I choose almost every time. It gives you good damage and good sustain. I would recommend this over Web Blast. Huge power spike in team fights.

Web Blast:

Rarely. This can be good if paired with Murky's Octo-grab to turn a team fight into a 3v5. Other situations can be useful but in most cases Locust Swarm is stronger.

Level 13 Top

Burning Rage:

Sometimes. This talent can be good if you aren't dying in team fights and would rather get a little more damage. It can be good for clearing minions or jungle camps.

Chitinous Plating:

Good. I get this most the time because it increases the amount of your shield. Just adds on to the tankyness of your hero.

Symbiotic Armor:

Never. Shielding your beetles? Useless.

Spell Shield:

Never. Not awful but when compared to your other choices its not viable.

Level 16 Top


Never. The damage wont do much and the increase area isn't necessary.

Beetle, Juiced:

Never. You have get beetles out, then start farming, then fight. To many steps and cant be executed properly for the beetles to be strong enough.

Imposing Presence:

Rarely. This can be okay if they have low damage and their main dps is an auto-attack based champion. In most cases don't take.

Blood for Blood:

Best. Its gives you burst to finish off enemy carries. It can do a good chunk of damage to a tank since its 15% of their heath. It also returns heath to you to give you even more sustain.

Level 20 Top


Great. More damage and more sustain! Last power spike! That's what Anub'arak is all about.


Never. Cant get this unless you got Web Blast at 10. Its not worth getting.

Hardened Shield:

Okay. I would get this over Hive-Master if the enemy team is bursty and killing you to quickly.


Never. Not worthy of a level 20 talent when it comes to this hero.

3) Maps/Playstyle Top

I would break down Anub'arak for each map but there is not much of a difference when it comes to his play style.

Basic Understanding:

Anub'arak is a high damage, high sustain tank. With this beetle build you can apply a lot of pressure and zoning during team fights.


In lane try to poke and push your minions into their towers to get ride of their towers heath and ammo. Most of the time I save Burrow Charge for an engage (when my team mate is ganking) or disengage (when I am being ganked)

Team fights:

If you can just run in on your mount or are able to engage without using Burrow Charge then do it. That way of a carry gets out of range/or you need to disengage you have Burrow Charge as a resource to do so. Try to damage and zone out the enemy carries by forcing them back away from the team fight. One mistake that a lot of Warrior players make is they chase those carries to far. If you can try to push the carries out of the fight and rejoin your team and help them deal with the other enemy heroes. If you can get a kill on a carry then do so but do not spend to much time on chasing.

Jungle Clear:

Try to make your abilities hit the entire jungle camp. If you have lowish health you can have your beetles tank, but for the sake of clearing the camp fast you should tank the camps so that your beetles can stay alive and damage.

4) Videos Top

I currently don't have example videos but i will be updating this guide with some in the future.

5) Summary Top

This hero is very strong right now and when used properly can carry your team into victory. Just play smart and wait for your team to be ready. A general rule of thumb for this game is don't chase to far, and don't fight outnumbered fights. Use this build and get a hang of the hero and playing him will become second nature.

6) Twitch/YouTube Top

I try to stream everyday and I keep my chat open to answer any questions that people may have. I also post montages on YouTube once in awhile.

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