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Last Updated: Aug 26, 2015
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Build: Kappa's Signature Right Click 2 Win!

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur The only threat this slug poses to you is his stank trail.
Murky Fish aren't exactly a huge threat to a heavily armed death machine.
The Lost Vikings If you're laning vs. vikings, kill em or zone em.
Tyrande Can attempt to heal through your dps, kill her first and we're all good.
Arthas "SEAR" him down, just not before level 7.
Azmodan Low mobility, save vault to get out of the "Deth Laz0r," and "Sear" him into smithereens.
Brightwing Get polymorphed, and you need to leave. After she uses it, go kill her instantaneously.
Chen Just ignore him. If he initiates a fight on you, kill him. If at any time you are 1v1'ing him and he starts constantly drinking, go do something more productive and leave the fight.
Li Li Kill her when she's alone, Nova style. She can run away quite effectively, so she's fairly slippery. Rain of Vengeance cancels her heroic quite nicely.
Raynor Adrenaline Rush is his last saving grace, only 1v1 him if he's at 50% health.
Kharazim Too little healing output to handle your constant DPS, if you are low, simply Vault away when he dashes to you, because he is setting up for Deadly Reach.
Diablo Stay out of range of overpower, and kill him real quick.
Gazlowe Kill him and don't let him generate exp for his team.
Sgt. Hammer She can assassinate you with good postioning. Pop searing attacks and click her down.
Tassadar More dps than Tyrande, and lots of escape. He will poke you over and over, try to stay away.
Anub'arak He screams initiation and control, to squash this beetle use good positioning
Leoric Same as Azmodan "Deth Laz0r" tactics.
Muradin Mura-Win is gonna kill you fast. If he uses Dwarf Toss to intiate, focus him down.
Thrall Attempt to out sustain him, his slow might be problematic.
E.T.C. Valla ain't into dancing in the mosh pit. Wait for level 7 to try to kill him.
Sylvanas DPS race, silence is a problem, if she chooses that heroic.
Johanna SO tanky, not much damage output.
Tychus Overpower will out DPS you 100% of the time, wait for him to use it on someone else.
Illidan In the early game, try to kill him at around level 4-7. After that, do not even try to slay this demon.
Kerrigan Watch out for her stun. After she's used it try to determine if you can win a duel. If not, vault away QUICKLY.
Falstad Lightning Rod is a problem. A big one too. Wait for him to use it on someone else, of vault out of it. If he only gets one hit on you, go back in and "Sear" him.
Malfurion You get rooted, you die. Quick reaction vault required. BURN THE TREES!
Sonya Get your team to outnumber her, she is quite literally the sustain train.
Zeratul Nova with more escape, be careful. However, he has less DPS, make sure not to walk around with 1 health.
Zagara The definition of harass. Be careful. Kill her with a teammate by your side 2v1.
Jaina Vault away from Blizzard, kill her before she can kill you. MAGE OP!!!!
Tyrael JUDGEMENT, Vault quickly or DIE, he's also too tanky for you to DPS race him.
Kael'thas MAGE OP!!!! Same as Jaina, after he is level 16 do not 1v1 him.
Rehgar Kill him before his heroic goes off, or you're in for a bad time.
The Butcher FRESH... MEAT! Never, ever 1v1 him, Butcher's Brand too stronk.
Uther Not just a shield, a divine one. Can't be cancelled, even a bigger threat than Ancestral healing from Rehgar.
Nova Dangerous, ALWAYS watch for the shimmer. If she can't burst you into the ground, heal up then kill her before she can open her sassy mouth. If you even SEE a shimmer, vault away and ask someone else to take your spot.
Nazeebo Zombie Wall, Ravenous Spirit, GOTTA RUN FAST!

Introduction Top

This build is focused around forcing your right clicks to be mini nukes, while having an extreme amount of sustain while you remain in combat.

    Very, very high sustain
    Steady, consistent damage
    Escape (Vault)
    Ability to solo Siege/Bruiser camps
    Specialized at zoning/killing
    Highest attack speed in the game (2.25)

    Lack of CC
    Minimal Burst
    Have to focus 1 person at a time

Valla's Abilities Top

Valla's first ability is Hungering Arrow.This is a skillshot that does damage on impact and additional damage over time to random targets. (As shown as the arrow looping in the sky and returning to hit someone again) This should be used in a 1v1 every time it's off cooldown, for as long as the duel lasts

Her second ability is Multishot.This is an AoE that does damage in a cone formation in front of her, which is good for clearing waves of minions.

Her third ability is Vault.This makes Valla dash toward a target location, dealing no damage but allowing her to escape situations.

Valla's trait is Hatred.It allows her to move faster depending on how many times she has auto attacked recently.

The Build (And Explanations) Top

This is the foundation of the build, it gives her a 1.5% attack speed for every stack of hatred she has. This is used to make her kill players much quicker in the mid to late game.

Vampiric Assault
At level 4, Vampiric Assault allows our demon hunter to have high enough sustain for her to seek her first kills. This talent will also allow us to get the edge in a 1v1.

Searing Attacks
Level 7 is a huge power spike for Valla. She can use some of her mana every 25 second to make her rapid attacks do more damage. This synergises with both of the other talents. However, it is recommended you do not pursue a kill if this active talent is on cooldown.

Like for every hero, at level 10 you become more powerful than an other level before it. Do not always pick strafe. The utility of the stun for Rain of Vengeance is more than enough to justify picking it, even if it did no damage. Try to analyze the enemy team's comp to determine if they have 3 or more heroics you can interrupt. If so, go for Rain of Vengeance.

This is normally the better pick, but not always, as stated before. I've learned this the hard way, DO NOT JUMP INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ENEMY TEAM TO STRAFE. Try to use it on the from the maximum range, and be extremely careful. Do not feel like you need to use it on multiple people as an AoE, if you are certain you can chase down someone and kill them, use this ability's range to your advantage. AND ONLY WHEN YOU'RE CHASING SOMEONE DOWN, if you're both standing still just use your other abilities. Don't be tempted to pick the Heroic Tier 2 at level 20.

Rain of Vengeance
You mainly want to save this for when you can interrupt someone's ultimate, or secure a kill. If you can secure a kill by any other means, hold your heroic. Don't be tempted to pick the Heroic Tier 2 at level 20.

Tempered by Discipline
This gives you EVEN MORE SUSTAIN ^.^ In a 1v1, you will be near unstoppable, and they will have to fall back. In total, with full discipline, you will be healing for almost HALF the damage you are dealing.

At this level range, its up against Tumble and Blood for Blood. Pick whatever you prefer, I usually go with this, but Valla does tend to run into mana problems. If you don't think mana is an issue, definitely go for this because it gives a whole lot of mobility and gank/chase potential. Otherwise, go for more life steal with everyone's favorite level 16 talent.

Nexus Frenzy
THIS IS THE ONLY VIABLE OPTION FOR THIS BUILD. This makes your attack speed so fast, and improves your DPS SO much, gives you more EVERYTHING. 'Nuff said.

Strategy Top

This strategy is so straightfoward.

Early Game
Try to soak until level 4, and be present to objectives. At level 4 do not initiate a fight yourself. Wait for someone to kill you, and if it appears you are losing the duel, quickly vault away. At level 7, try to initiate fights and harass laners. Try to zone them back behind their gate, bu make sure to overextend for the kill, as it may result in your death and their escape.

When you get your heroic ability, follow your team's pings, as usual, and try to search for ganks. At level 13, attempt to bait someone for a 1v1, but if they bring reinforcements, run like the wind. Push forts & keeps in your spare time.

Late Game
In the late game, you need to accompany your team to push the core, or have a 5 man gank squad to assassinate all the squishies.

My Information Top

My name is Kappa, and I aspire to be a great gamer, or just a great MOBA player.

Hotslogs Profile -> https://www.hotslogs.com/Player/Profile?PlayerID=3478589
(The first guide I have ever made, I've been tinkering with this build for about 2 months now)
My Battle Tag Kappa#1563 -> Send me a message! :D

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