JonJon's Meat Packer Fast Food Guide by Jonjon

JonJon's Meat Packer Fast Food Guide

By: Jonjon
Last Updated: Jul 3, 2015
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The Butcher

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Introduction Top

Hey guys this guide is geared towards gaining maximum meat quickly to allow you to do massive damage earlier than anyone. This allows you to roam, pick, and gank, denying soak for the enemy team and instilling fear in the mind of your enemy. Please enjoy. *****uwee [borat reference]

Meat department is now servicing #97 Top

Why butcher? In my opinion his role in a team comp is the roaming ganker that has insane burst and sustain. He is NOT A TANK. Even though he looks like one. If you like sonya, kerrigan, or thrall, big butch is for you. Just be aware that you are pretty squishy, and if you get stun locked...the meat department is closed.

Level 1, MOAR MEAT Top

So doing 50% extra damage to non heroic targets is great. This allows you to clear waves and solo merc camps easily. But the real deal is the fact that killing minions gives you a stack of triple meat. This is vital for grabbing max stacks of meat for that sweet sexy auto attack damage. Two minion waves and you're at max stacks. If you die, come back, farm two waves and you're in the game.

Level 4, Salmonella food poisoning Top

Envenom got nerfed and we all mad. But, it's still pretty viable, especially for burst. Drop it on a squishy and if you can't close, then run.

Level 7, Manager special-all you can eat Top

More meat and lose half when you die. This is great for those of us who go a little too ham [ha meat pun] and it synergizes with the attack speed talent we will be getting later. It's necessary for this build.

Level 10, Butcher's BBQ and propane accessories Top

Lamb for the slaughter is awesome for locking down a target or for helping you escape that chasing Illidan. But, furnace blast does wayyyyyyyyyy too much damage to ignore. You can flip a team fight into your teams favor in an instant. Pop your ult, and charge the enemy hero in the center or back line in a team fight. Boom, meats on the menu.

Level 13, Spicy marinade Top

This level is meh. All the talents help in some sort of way. Spell shield for that nova for instance. I take burning rage because it makes clearing minions easier and it's just extra damage output.

Level 16, Master burger flipping champion 2015 Top

Get ready to see your stats sky rocket at this time. With 35 stacks of meat you now have 35% faster attack speed. Holy ****. I've had games where in 5 seconds I killed 3 heroes with full health back to back. The damage output and speed is unmatched. If you go ham andie no biggy. Rez and farm real quick. Towers, forts, merc camps, you own them all.

Level 20, Meat department moved to a new location Top

Bolt is your only escape ability. Late game it is hard to farm waves if your lanes are pushed in. So dying is bad. Bolt helps you gtfo or it helps you initiate. But I recommend saving it for escaping. You already do mad damage so double furnace or nexus blades is cool, but not necessary.

Outro Top

I hope you guys enjoyed this meat packed guide. Hope to see people rocking this build. He's a new hero and not in the meta yet and I love seeing all the different creative builds. See you guys in the nexus!

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