Just Trust Me by Xactimate

Just Trust Me

By: Xactimate
Last Updated: Sep 10, 2015
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Sgt. Hammer

Build: Just Trust Me

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Summary Top

Look.. I don't have a lot of chapters, or drive right now for that matter. Just trust me, this is THE best build. I've been playing Sgt. Hammer since beta, and now that we have all of our pre-release buffs back, this build will once again dominate.

Advanced Artillery Top

THIS BUILD IS BASED TOWARDS LATE GAME. That being said Advanced Artillery is the only choice. I've done the regen globe thing, it don't work. Most maps where it is convenient it is SLIGHTLY viable, and on the ever so popular maps like Battle of the Immortals, it's literally the worst talent you can get. TRUST ME: Advanced Artillery..

Vampiric Assault Top

These next 2 talents build off each other and late-game will allow you to go head-to-head with le monks, thrall, and anyother "sustain" melee character that is dumb enough to think they can tank you after you pick up first aid while in seige-mode......TRUST ME.

First Aid Top

Please see above meta/reasoning.....TRUST ME.

Napalm Strike Top

"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning" - Greatest Actor in Best War Movie Ever. Is this a choice?.... Napalm.

Giant Killer Top

So by level 13 the enemy team knows that you are the biggest pain in le a$$ that they have and will start focusing you (TRUST ME). This talent will come in handy with bringing them down especially since you're 2 levels ahead of them.... that is ... if you're doing your job....and if you TRUST ME.

Hover Siege Top

Ok, this is the only talent that is SLIGHTLY(and i do mean just slightly) up in the air. I will only defend Hover Siege because it takes the only weakness that we have as hammer and at LEAST halves it's effect. That weakness is being out of position. This talent allows us to re-position and to get in a better place to lay down the doomhammer we've become.

Nexus Fury Top

Mo' hits, Mo' damage..... no choice. If you don't understand DPS then TRUST ME.

The End Top

That's the guide. Not much else to say other than TRUST ME. This has to be close to the ****test guide on this site as far as production value and I get that. I just want 1 or 2 peeps that main Hammer to TRUST ME and give it a shot. Maybe they will see things my way or atleast slightly agree. Good Luck, Have Fun, and..... TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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