Kael'thas - Blazing Fire by Lowan

Kael'thas - Blazing Fire

By: Lowan
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015
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Build: Blazing Fire

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Introduction Top

Hi all. I'm Lowan and this is my first guide ever.
I'm playing with Kael'thas since he's launched and he never let me down. So, I decided to share my gaming style with this community.

This guide is based on with a purpose of HIGH SIEGE DAMAGE and XP CONTRIBUTION

Btw, check out my other guides for:

The Butcher

Talent Descriptions Top

Mana Addict: For having more mana. Every hero needs such a talent like this, but most needed for Kael'thas.
Mana Tap: For quick recover. You will use your Flamestrike eventually. Get some of the spent mana back is really helpful.
Fission Bomb: Living Bomb is a seriously useful "Damage Over Time" skill and boosting it will get you great kills also some unexpected bonus kills.
Phoenix: For boosting siege damage. It also helps in team fights.
Chain Bomb: Spreading "Damage Over Time" will help you to get bonus kills I mentioned before. Also a good line cleaner.
Ignite: Area Damage plus Damage Over Time equals TOO MUCH DAMAGE
Rebirth: For using Phoenix in different positions. Not wasting ulti and use benefits till the end.

Skill Rotation Top

Always tap your Verdant Sphere to gain benefits. If you still didn't notice yet, it combines with your basic skills:

With Flamestrike: It enlarges radius of the skill. With Living Bomb: Can use two. First suddenly explodes when used second. With Gravity Lapse: Levitates multiple enemies on the path.

This will be your savior.

Mostly use first combination and imidiately shoot the Living Bomb to cause Flamestrike will kill minions to recovering mana.

The second combination is for versus 1 or 2 enemies. Also useful for siege camps.

The third combination is truly LIFE SAVER! Use it when multiple heroes are chasing you.

Use ulti for gaining Forts or cleaning lines which dominated by enemy team. Use ulti for almost everything because it has low cooldown. Don't be afraid.

The point is using basic skills as much as possible with combinations.

Lining Top

Go solo except Haunted Mines. If you start to feel you can't handle alone, call a mate. Rush to enemy fort at the beginning and use first combination for a good beginning.

Kael'thas can handle any lane by himself, but cannot handle with shrines and temples.

BTW don't be like Leeroy Jenkins, espcecially when enemy has Nova.

Rest of the work is practice and focus to the game.

Conclusion Top

This build guarantees HUGE siege damage and xp contribution if you can play active. Hero damage depends on your playing style and enemy focus, also team adaptability for sure. If you can't trust the build, I can show you in a Hero League match, you can add my BattleTag: Lowan#2559

If you like the build, please vote. I'm open for advices and comments, too.

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