Lord of Sin Azodan General of the Legions of Hell by Poisonfang

Lord of Sin Azodan General of the Legions of Hell

By: Poisonfang
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2015
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Azmodan The Lord of Sin Top

"The Valrous manuscript lists Azmodan as the best battlefield commander of all demons, having defeated the angels many times in the Eternal Conflict across Pandemonium and the Prime Evils in the demonic civil war. If the Lord of Sin ever assaults our realm, we truly have much to fear."

Commander of the Legions of Hell Top

Hey Guys,

This is my second guide for HotS and I chose none other than Azmodan. A ranged specialist and by far the greatest pusher of lanes, I'm going to give you a step by step guide on how to overwhelm your lane with demons and minions paired with amazing damage dealing abilities.

Tier 1) For Tier 1 I choose sieging wrath. You should know that Azmodan isn't good in taking damage, although he looks tough, poor guy can get a beat down from the smallest of champions. That said, Azmodan gameplay is always stay behind your minions and sending your demons to fight for you. You will boost them by sendingon enemy minions or heroes.

Tier 2) Choosing Bound Minionmakes a BIG difference and guaranties your lane superiority. The Increase of 100% in Damage and 300% HP of your minion is insane. Imagine using that ability on the catapult in the closing stages :)

Tier 3) I choose Infernal globerather than other abilities in this Tier level. Added to the extra damage of Sieging wrath (Distance damage), your globe of annihilation is a great booster for your Legions of Hell while you relax next to the healing fountain :) and under the protection of your towers and force fields :)

Tier 4) HEROIC ABILITY INC!!!Azmodan is the General of the Legions of Hell. ENOUGH SAID!! :) :)

Tier 5) Blazing DemonsBlazing Demons deals AOE damage to nearby enemies. Now in case during the game you are facing an enemy hero, fighting next to your demon warriors will help to maintain a +10 dmg per second per demon summoned. That damage scales up with your levelling reaching +30 per second per demon. It is amazing!

Tier 5) Battle bornnow you can either choose that ability which summons an extra demon on impact, thus extra AOE damage and extra demon to boost your lane, but you can choose demonic smite as wellwhich enables your demon lieutenant to cast smite from time to time. Now I normally don't choose that ability as smite is used on minions.... So it's a big NO NO for me

Tier 6) HEROIC ABILITY BOOSTER!!!!! Perishing Flame. So I heard you want to kill my demons??? Well my demons are taking you with them!!! Yes you guessed it. When the demons of Demonic Invasion die they explode dealing 50 (+5 per level) damage to nearby enemies.

Lastly Top

Hope my Guide on Azmodan have helped you out a bit and gave you a better insight on the hero.

Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Poisonfang83

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