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By: Kitrinu
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017
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Why We Move Together
I find having that 5% increased movement speed helped getting my team to the map objectives before the enemy team, also helped for catching feeling enemy heroes or leaving a team fight we just can not win.

Why Off The Wall
I use wall ride to get in front of enemy heroes that are trying to flee and having Soundwave on a quicker cool down allows me to push the enemy team back more often when they try to run.

Why Sonic Amplifier
Great for team big open team fighting, having Crossfade's increased radius makes healing or speed boosting my teammates while I dont have to stand in the middle of the team fight risking death.

Why Sound barrier
Great of clutch moments in A team fight. Having that massive shield up on my teammates makes for that few seconds I am waiting for "Amp It Up" to become off CD, giving my team a bigger window to drag out team fights if needed so we can win or to get the enemy team to retreat do to the extra damage needed to win the team fight

Why Beat Mixing
I count how long i keep either side of Crossfade up, but i always have this shield on me when entering A team fight or leaving a team fight. This small little shield Lucio just a little bit less squishy.

Why Rejuvenescencia
I find this to be a tank saver, having the teams tank alive is required for good team engaging fights and eating high damage abilities.

Why Bonus Track
Good for when you just have not healed the team enough having the duration reset to continue healing or for speed boost makes for great team fight sustain.

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