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Murky Vs The World!

By: kirito
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2015
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Build: High Damage (Murky Vs The World)

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Why am i making this guide? Top


this is my view on how to play murky and my first guide. Take this in however way you want its just my preference on how to play him. this build is just to offer an idea and to prove murky can do allot ^-^


Okay so i started heroes playing ranged assassins and liked it allot but felt like i needed something else to try. i browsed the heroes and honestly chose murky due to him appearing to be ****, i thought i would try him as a joke? I CANT TELL YOU HOW WRONG I WAS.

People have this idea that murky isn't good because of his low player damage and appearance but a good murky can often make the difference between a win over a loss in some games. Murky has high siege damage from the beginning of the game so i use the talents to increase his damage so that over time, especially in late game he can provide allot to team battles towards pushing core and late game ect.

Bribe Top

Okay so bribe is pretty much the first choice i don't really see any other talent at this tier worth picking up over bribe. Bribe allows minion kills to stack (max of 2) to let murky instantly buy mercs or giants. this doesn't work on the boss and its important to mention that because of the maximum of 2 stacked you can only clear half the merc camps because they have 4 mercs.

Murky should be getting allot of minion kills with his two AOE/Splash abilities so these stack pretty quickly. I would recommend spending bribe on the siege giants due to there only being two and i personally fine them more effective than mercs.

I really think bribe is the best talent in this tier, no other choice really! :3

Envenom Top

This is the point where murky can contribute a little bit of damage in player fights. Envenom will poison the enemy for 5 seconds. the reason why i like this ability is because it can help when heros are retreating due to low health because they over extended or somthing, this abillity can pick them off easily. Envenom is also a good ability when keeping in mind how early you can pick this talent up. it does level up damage over time but i think its very useful early game more than late.

Living the dream is also a talent used by allot of Murky players. personally i think Envenom is better because living the dream requires you to live for long periods of time to get the full effect but i believe murky should be able to choose to die frequently (Look at play style guide at the end for more about that) But yeah, Living the dream can be good too. personally Envenom is best.

Slime advantage Top

Slime advantage is one way for murky to lay out some bigger damage to minions and heroes. Due to the splash of slime its usually used more for clearing minions (which is good) but i have used slime to chase and slow down running heroes. this can often secure a kill.

I would always take this because it can be very helpful for minions and heroes but if you would prefer something else i would recommend the compressed air? It will allow more range on the damage for the finish but i personally think it gets destroyed to easily so its not worth it.

March Of The Murlocs Top

My Most favoured ability in the whole game! I love this ability because it just adds so much to murky. It is great for siege damage and can be used in team fights to slow down enemies. I tend to save march of the murlocs for team fights at forts just because it really gives your team an advantage. if you keep doing siege damage and slow down the enemy with this ability your team can get allot of kills. The enemy are left with the option to stay,defend and die or to retreat.

Octo grab is terrible for me Usually i will solo a lane as murky to get minion kills and to push my siege damage. octo grab in my opinion relys on having some kind of synergy between some other heroes ability and im often not with other heroes :'( xD

So yeah octo grab is a good choice if you can get a friend or another player to assist. ETC has been paired with his ability loads and i have seen it become very useful. just not really my thing though.

Wrath of cod Top

Wrath of cod is just the best by this point in the game because of the two talents already put into slime damage. By this point you should be using slime allot because of the other talents and this talent will allow slime to be even more helpful ^-^

I will usually throw in the fish and then wait for about 2 seconds before it explodes to use slime just to make sure no one will destroy it and waste the slime, although slime has a tiny cool down.

this just helps in allot of situations like allot of murky's talents they are good for both minions and heroes at this point.

Rejuvenating bubble Top


Honestly this talent is the difference between life and death in most battles and due to the this build making murky viable in team battles he will be taking some damage but this talent allows him to regen 50% of his health. its simply a must have.

This is also very useful for pulling some hero talents from the enemy. If someone attacks you and uses maybe 2-3 of their talents they will waste them because you can regen your health making their work pointless and putting them back with cool downs on their attacks. this puts you ontop and gives you a huge window of opportunity ( More about how to use this in play style )

Rewind Top

I dont really care much for this tier but if i have to chose i would pick rewind because of bubble and slime. Being able to rewind and use bubble twice within a couple of seconds from each other is great and can provide allot of cover and health for murky. I would recommend rewind and suggest that it is the best talent for this tier but really you could chose another.

Play style Top

This section will just be a guide on general play with murky and how i carry through this build into actual matches.

Early game

In early game murky should be placing his egg down in close cover and farming lanes for minion kills and offering occasional push. tbh you can solo at early game in lanes but it can help to have someone that might have more damage rather the siege to assist you. You will want to farm minions for the bribe stack and get siege giants when you can with bribe.

Mid game

Mid game is really the time i think this build opens to damage. At this point you should have Slime advantage and envenom. both these talents will allow you to be able to get good damage out to heroes. Al tough you should be pushing still in the lanes you can now stand by yourself in most combat.

Late game / End game

Late game is when im using bubble to pull out enemies attacks to waste them and to taunt them. Im often a meat shield for my team mates because it doesn't really matter much if you die as murky. Its better for you to die than on of your team mates, bare that in mind!

Points of play

DONT BE AFRAID OF DEATH! - if you can get a hero to waste their attacks on you that's great, be happy. a murky kill is 25% of a normal hero kill. if you can be a meat shield and body block for allies DO IT!
Your team will be grateful ;) ( this is the reason living the dream isn't effective in this build)

EGG PLACEMENT - Egg placement is something that will improve with time. the more you play murky and the different maps the more familiar you will become with clever egg placements. DONT LOOK IT UP! Seriously its a bad idea to look it up! Because if you have, so has the enemy! Others will know the mainstream locations so find your own that works :3

CURRUPTION - bribe is a very good talent and you need to remember to use it! never have a stack for longer than 2 minutes! go spend it! i recommend buying giants but mercs are good too!

TAUNTING - yes more taunts, no this isnt hearthstone! Taunting is useful with bubble to drag out enemies and making them over extend or wasting their talents and attacks. Use bubble to taunt due to its immunity and healing factors! Most enemies will see you and consider you a "easy target" PROVE THEM WRONG! >:D

YOU ARE A MARTYR - Death isnt bad for you if there is a purpose to it. if you can body block for allies you are doing well! try to get enemies to concentrate on you rather than your allies. Killing you will give them 25% of a kill so use that to your advantage!

SIEGE - Yes this build is for damage but keep in mind you have Great and high siege damage by default so use it! keep pushing!


Murky is a very good hero if you can see the power behind him. Learn how to use murky effectively and you will be a great asset to the team! I have included points in the talents to change if you would prefer other talents so this build is pretty open but i have chosen these because they work for me!:3

so good luck playing murky and most importantly have fun with him!

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