My Hatred Is Unending ! ! by Wizzy

My Hatred Is Unending ! !

By: Wizzy
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2016
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Hi guys Wizzy here, this is my first build guide.
Basic of Illidan is to kill anyone on 1v1 by using your CDs one by one ( not all at the same time ) and kill every hero which tries to flee from the team fight or with less than half hp.
The build might seem a bit defensive but beleive me Marked for Death does everything you need to kill an enemy hero.
With the defensive talents especially stonskin you are the undying God of team fights and 1v1s.
Try not using Evasion, First Aid and Stoneskin at once but use them one after another.
My rotation is; Evasion, Stoneskin and than First Aid.
Basically Evasion and Stoneskin keeps you up to %80-90 health while your enemy is at %30-50 health and than First Aid kicks in to heal you with your Auto Attack heal.
You are a basic attack hero chasing and killing people so what is better than to use Marked for Death which is mostly the burst you have.
I wish I had some more time to give this guide a better look and explanation all the talents.
But you will find out how it works by trying it.
Have Fun!

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