My Illidan DPS Build by VulKor

My Illidan DPS Build

By: VulKor
Last Updated: Sep 9, 2015
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So i started to play HoTs in beta and i stopped playing it at release cause i thought everything was going to change just like blizzard does with all of the other games that they make. So i hop onto HoTs and i start to play as a jaina, I get stuck into Blackhearts bay and i start to play, Its pretty fun. Jaina can basicly destroy anything sent at her if you know how to play her. So i run threw Mid lane to try to advance some of my Minions and as i go down and try to get to bottom lane an Illidan comes out of nowhere with TheHunt Ability and half of my health is gone and im like "WTF?!" so i go to look at his talents and its some of these so i started to farm some gold so i could buy Illidan and i Currently main Illidan but I made this build and for me it is the best Build i have found so far.

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