Nasty Nazeebo by Grunt

Nasty Nazeebo

By: Grunt
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015
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Nasty Nazeebo Top

Stand back and decimate your QM enemies with this witch doctor build.

The talents speak for themselves and is probably close to what most people run, but i thought i would post.

Push in the early game and focus spreading your attacks to poison all minions. Any minion that dies while poisoned will stack Death Ritual. Once fights, objectives, and whatnot begin you can peel as necessary, but poisoning minions whenever possible.

I chose Sprint because I think is amazing for being able to, not only to get away from death, but also allows you to be a little more aggressive in the endgame. I think you can take a little more risk knowing you can scoot out, quickly. Then just turn around and melt them with the Ravenous Spirit.

Hope this helps someone, sometime. Happy Hunting. - G

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