Nazeebo, The Witchdoctor by Soulrender

Nazeebo, The Witchdoctor

By: Soulrender
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2015
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Simple Guide Top

I don't really want to go into too much depth with gameplay because I feel that it is important to simply learn what works best for you. The abilities are pretty strait forward so I'm not going to focus on those at all. Stay towards the back in all team fights and you shouldn't have much issues staying alive. This guide simply is to show the talents that I have huge success with and a little information on why they are chosen.

Ability Rationale Top

First Talent: Death Ritual

Death Ritual is the focus of this build. Gaining a permanent 5 Health and 3 Mana for every laning minion that you kill with either your auto attack or abilities. The purpose of building this is to allow Nazeebo to be more beefy late game with a significantly greater amount of health and mana allowing you to be more active on the battlefield.

Second Talent: Gathering Power

This ability grants 8% additional Ability Power. Every time you get a takedown you gain a bonus 2% additional Ability power that caps at 12%. The key here is to not die, if you die you lose your stacks of additional ability power. Thus, less damage output until you regain these stacks.

Third Talent: Gidbinn

While having your toads blowing up a larger area is nice, the main reason this is the best route to take is because it increases your voodoo ritual duration by 25%. Voodoo ritual is your poison, all your abilities cause voodoo ritual. Now that voodoo ritual lasts 25% longer you are gaining quite a large amount of overall damage.

Forth Talent (R): Ravenous Spirit

This talent is what makes Nazeebo great in team fights. The way to use it is to stay behind your team, cast, and direct the spirit on top of as many of the enemies at a time as you can and watch as you chunck the whole enemy teams health. Obviously, there are exceptions situationaly.

Fifth Talent: Dead Rush

This is where this build differs from others. I personally like the uprooting zombies because it really helps build your death ritual and clears minion waves with ease. What I personally do is use my zombies on minion waves and immediately leave letting the zombies and friendly minions take care of the rest while on my way to take camps / objectives with the team. This helps build death ritual giving you even more health and mana while being highly productive with the team. Some may not agree with this and would say Sprint is a better alternative. My feelings behind this is if you position yourself well you should never really need to run away very quickly. Although, getting caught is a much greater risk.

Sixth Talent: Specialized Toxin

This is pretty self explanatory. Your poison does 200% more damage. Great synergy with Gidbinn, simply do hell of a lot more damage.

Seventh Talent: Annihilating Spirit

Your R is already really powerful so why not make it even more OP. Giving a larger range and increased movement speed it is really hard for your enemies to actually run away from your spirit if you have to chase them.

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