NaZeembie - Karazim Patch by Inquisitor

NaZeembie - Karazim Patch

By: Inquisitor
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2015
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Build: NaZeembie 1.3

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Threats to Nazeebo with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Sgt. Hammer Stationary/slow units are good for you
Raynor Slownor likes to be trapped.
E.T.C. Big, bad and slow.
  No Threat
Muradin Can escape your biggest weapon with his jumping.
Kerrigan A good catch. But her claws can drag you into the same hell as Stitches hooks just did.
Stitches Not so fast, but can drag you into hell.
Tassadar Cloaked units might create a mess. Hard to catch before they aim at you.
Illidan Fast. And can flee. Beware.
Nova Cloaked units might create a mess. Hard to catch before they aim at you.

Tier 1 Top

Death Ritual.

WHY? =

Choose Death Ritual for a more permanent buff to your health/mana. Blood ritual is stronger, but not permanent. And permanence is great.

Tier 2 Top

Gathering power.

WHY? = Choose gathering power. You want to focus on slaying heroes. Hence, this option is the best. It gives you both a permanent and a semipermanent ability increase (half lost on death). Also, since this is a zombie heavy build, you don't want to waste your brain powers on active cast-on-demand abilities.

Tier 3 Top


WHY? = Gidbinn does increase the duration of your zombie wall AND your spiders. Your zombies enjoy the extra durability, and hey - your spideys gets a piece of the pie as well!

OPTIONAL CHOICE : Fresh corpses

WHY? = Fresh corpses decrease the cooldown for zombie wall. And you want zombies. Loads of them. Fast. The cooldown buff of 4 seconds is 4 seconds, might seem small. But you want to catch those running heroes as many times as you can. I prefer Gidbinn to this one, but hey - your choice!

Tier 4 Top


WHY? = You are a hero on the move. Ravenous spirit is nothing for you. You want a big bloody gargantuan to jump inside that zombie crowd, delivering big blows to those enemy heroes. If you, for some reason, have slayed all the heroes - Gargantuan is also a handy fellow providing help with mercenaries, minions and forts.

Tier 5 Top

Dead rush

We have established the fact that this is a zombie build. And that you like zombies. And that you like them fast. This even makes your zombies move. So, why would you prefer your zombies as status, when you can have up to 5 bloodthirsty Usain Boltzies?

Tier 6 Top

Specialized Toxin.

You like killing peple. This helps. A lot.

Tier 7 Top

Fury of the storm.

Here you are. A zombiethrowing gargantuanstomping crazy doctor on the loose. You sure do like your gargantuan, but hey - who need him around when he already helped you kill all the enemy heroes around. Better focus on the important last game skill of Fury of the storm. This helps you clean the way for your zombie armies, so they don't have to bother slaying minions and mercenaries. And it has a cool name. Even if you are a crazy zombie doctor, you need to develop your persona.

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