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Threats to Illidan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Valla Valla is a large damage dealer, but not a major threat. She can successfully kite an Illidan to death almost all game, however.
Sylvanas Sylvanas' is practically the same threat as Valla.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tychus As shown above, most ranged DPS and specialists are a pretty big threat to Illidan. Watch out for Tychus mid-game.
  No Threat
Azmodan Watch out Early Game, extremely powerful due to range
Jaina Bursty and too much CC for Illidan to escape. Be sure to bring a friend.

Intro Top

Hello all! I'm PEAtotheNUT, , and today, I bring you a basic Illidan guide practically usable on any map, and in competitive play! Each chapter will describe my choice for picking each of the abilities, and go in-depth on its use! My guides can be found in my twitch chat, using the command !guides. Don't forget to follow my twitch, and upvote this guide! Thank you!

Laning w/ Illidan Top

Top lane is the best with Illidan, alongside the help of a preferred Tassadar or Malfurion. After level 10, Illidan can roam, and gank freely. This will help other lanes, aswell as yours, push and gain XP to the maximum potential.

Battered Assault! Top

I personally chose battered assault because of the early-game bonus, however, some may contrast that the evasion shield is better, but if laning with a support, such as malf or t***, this will come in handy. Taking objectives early game is no problem with Illidan, either!

Marked For Death Top

The ideal strat is to proc your battered assault, then Q. This gives you an amazing burst when engaging in team fights, solo fights, objectives, etc.

First Aid? Yes. Top

First Aid is extremely viable to Illidan because of his low health. Using First Aid in a teamfight or early laning phase provides Illidan with ultimate viability. Think of First Aid as an essential movable healing fountain, (with half the cooldown!)

Metamorphosis! Top

Metamorphosis late game is amazing for Illidan. In contrast to The Hunt, Illidan's ult is INFINITE at level 20. This ult gives you a PERMENANT 20% increased attack speed, which flows nicely with your passive, Betrayer's Thirst, which gives you health and CD reduction.

Sixth Sense Top

Just like First Aid, Sixth Sense gives Illidan extra viability. This allows him to be bursty and yet sustain damage from large damage-dealing casters, such as Jaina.

Second Sweep! Top

Second Sweep is a must! This allows Illidan, if played correctly, to have a permanent 50% damage buff, along with your first talent chosen, (read first chapter!). This essentially makes Illidan a carry for the game, allowing him to practically destroy anything and everything while his ult is active.

Demonic Form! Top

Of course this is necessary! A permanent 20% attack speed increase is beautiful for late game pushing. Without this, Illidan loses a lot of his potential for late game team fights, and engages.

Late Game Top

Late game is ezpz for Illidan! Make sure at all times during fights you use your W to get the 50% damage buff, and Q whenever possible. Your ultimate should be an immediate priority when ganking or engaging, and use E whenever necessary. Lastly, don't forget your First Aid! This makes Illidan a damage tank, allowing him to soak practically anything with the help of a Tassadar or Malfurion.

My Thanks! Top

As always, I will do my best to update this guide to the best of my ability. My twitch can always be found at , don't forget to follow and upvote! Thank you once more!

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