"The Blades of Azzinoth" by whatthewaht

"The Blades of Azzinoth"

By: whatthewaht
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2016
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Dive is very useful for taking down an enemy, or body blocking an opponent to help secure the kill with your team or a teammate. with rapid chase you are able to catch up with an enemy that is trying to get away from you, or jumping to an opponent to get closer to a lower health opponent. having a block against 3 Hero Basic attacks by 75% will help for later when you are low on health when heroes are chasing you. This talent will help a lot late game when you are trying to take down the opponent that is running away from you or your teammate.



Sweeping Strike is useful for getting away or dealing a good amount of damage against a good amount of opponents in the area damage with which will allow you to put a 4 second burn that will allow to take down an enemy by a little bit. (including with the +4% per level which will help a bit during late game, or if you are taking a 2 level or more lead in the game.) with this skill you are able to hit a hero and gain resistance which will allow you to be aggressive with the 25% damage reduction.



Evasion will help during the entire game helping out on pushing a turret or avoiding multiple heroes basic attacks for a small amount of time which will help.



Metamorphosis is a nice way to get health back and deal an AoE when you place it, later on this is a good getaway later in the game when you have your level 20 talent which will allow you to have Metamorphosis permanently until you die, with the 20% attack speed you are able to get your cooldowns off with your basic attacks.

Please give me feedback on all build(s) in the comments.

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