Ranged Hammer by SerWind

Ranged Hammer

By: SerWind
Last Updated: May 16, 2015
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Sgt. Hammer

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I am not a pro.

Thrusters and positioning are key to Sgt Hammer in my opinion. Positioning for objectives before they pop but you know people are on the way for a fight. Thrusters allow you to get out quick if you get caught or people wise up and try and come get you.

Ambush is for bonus damage + makes me feel more comfortable when setting up in positions in case people surprise you. Can potentially save thrusters. Not really used like other heroes use stealth because you're immobile.

Sometimes I take vampiric assault because it makes me a little more comfortable. Can boost your health up off of creeps enough to let you stick around, due to your AOE. I think Maelstrom Shells are also a good choice. These do work with your siege mode.

Hyper-Cooling Engines is mandatory in my opinion. You shouldn't really be sieging up unless you know you're 100 percent safe, it's worth dying for, or thrusters are up. The cooldown on it is too long. You'll escape from one potential death scenario, go back to re-siege a moment later and realize your thrusters are on CD while the enemy team is killing you.

Napalm Strike is better in my opinion due to the low cooldown. The orbital bullet is cool but not that great honestly.

First Strike won't always be up but it should be for a good portion of any team fight, meaning more DPS.

I take Graduating Range because, again, Hammer is all about positioning, and this just increases your positioning potential and her lethality. I think this is when Hammer really opens up and begins to shine. Hover Siege Mode is a false sense of security that doesn't provide you with any escape potential (you won't outrun people like this), neuters Hammer's strength, and promote bad play. You should be practicing good positioning, not trying to make up for it with Hover Siege Mode.

Nexus Frenzy. More range, more damage. MORE. RANGE.

That's it. Mines slow. If people are chasing you, use them. Hammer dies very quickly. Anyone who can jump on top of you is a decent threat until you get your graduating range. Long range burst will ruin your day.

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