Rekt-It Butcher by xxDeadPoolxx

Rekt-It Butcher

By: xxDeadPoolxx
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2015
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The Butcher

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Talents & Why Top

When I decided on this build, I was using Sylvanas in mind, when it comes to minion domination (clear minion waves quickly) and a bit of Muradin (single target burst w/ CC).

LvL 1: Chop Meat
Why: Additional damage to minions and help builds meat resource quicker.

LvL 4: Cheap Shot
Burst damage from CCs.

LvL 7: Abattoir:
Why: If you find yourself dying a lot, Abattoir is a good safety net for keeping your meat stacks. If you aren't dying all that much, Final Assault would be the other option (increased range and a lunge).

LvL 10: Lam to the Slaughter
Why: CC without being CC. Can be upgraded @ lvl 20 to affect entire enemy team (if timed right).

LvL 13: Burning Rage
Why: Additional continual damage never hurts. Alternatively, you can go Savage Charge (which might be better, given the potential burst damage) or Spell Shield if mage heavy enemy team.

LvL 16: Enraged
Why: Reduced CC and increased Attack Speed makes you more of a beast during team fights, where you will endup at below 50% (unless they completely ignore you). Blood Frenzy is too situational (dependant on not dying) and Crippling Slam doesn't seem worth it as your targets shouldn't last more than a few seconds at most, and even then, Hamstring should be off CD).

LvL 20: Slaughterhouse
Why: See Lvl 10. Nexus Blade may also be a good alternative, but Slaughterhouse, to me, is superior here.

So yeah. I'm not big on writing guides, but felt that this build (at least in QM) has been working quite well, so I figured I'd share it. Feel free to critique it if you wish :).

P.S.: I have not added in any threats, because I'm not into that type of theorycrafting (yet), but given you're a Melee assassin with High HP, play smart enough and no one will really be a threat (though if I had to pick threats, any with a hard CC, followed up by big burst damage.

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