Siege Up by Bhodar

Siege Up

By: Bhodar
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2016
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Sgt. Hammer

Build: Siege up and blow stuff up.

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Nova Can bypass your range advantage by sneaking up on you.
Zeratul Can bypass your range advantage by sneaking up on you.

Intro Top

Hi everyone,

This is my first guide ever created and I just did it so that other people (even those that don't like playing with Hammer) know what kind of an awesome Hero she/it really is.

Basics Top

Sgt. Hammer is first and foremost a specialist hero, her job is to take out minions and buildings asap and gather experience.

Second, never get too cocky (I've found myself to be like that from time to time, getting myself killed in the process at crucial times), you might be a tank, but you lack survivability (up till tier 3) and you're kind of squishy.

Last, if you're playing with someone in a lane, tell them to stay in your siege range and lure enemy heroes inside. Some people have never played with siege themselves and don't know for a fact that you deal more damage when they're battling at your maximum range.

The build Top

This build is purely build around the massive range advantage you can get at level 20. Each and every range increase stacks up.

This combined with the siege damage let's you do +500 each 1.5 second once you reach level 20 and this keeps going up.

The Weakness Top

Siege: Her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness, rooting yourself to the ground let's you be a sitting duck if you have nobody to body block enemies

Stealth heroes: Zeratul and Nova they can sneak up on you and kill you very fast.

Group Hug: When you become everybody's primary target in a full 5vX assault, you're doomed, even at level 20 when you can just siege up and blow everybody to shreds, if they come at you with a full team, you're doomed.

But then again, people's first instincts is to back the hell up when they see so much damage.

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