Sonya: Hunter Build by AchillezxLBT

Sonya: Hunter Build

By: AchillezxLBT
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016
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The idea behind this new build is to spec into Sonyas auto attack damage and mobility. The result sees Sonya become a hero that can essentially target any hero that is exposed, do enough damage to either zone or kill said hero, and comfortably escape back to safety. When done correctly you will see a stat sheet that has high value in the takedown department but not so much in the hero damage area. But the takedowns are the whole point to the build. That and not dying. Correct usage of this build should see you being a serious pain for the enemy team in the way of your engages, damage output, and elusiveness.

Level Notes:

1) Auto Attacks heal you. Not strong enough to tank anything major but is a great way to get healthy when not engaged in team fights.

4) The more aggressive you are, the more often you will see this critical hit pop up.

7) Gives you a critical hit AA after each seismic slam (all abilities as well) that also stacks with the AA buff you picked up at 4. ALSO increases the heal you get from the level 1 talent.

10) If you can see can engage on them. Choose wisely. Also don't hesitate to use this to escape a bad spot.

13) Gives you an out to spam off your spears more often as well as giving you a clear cut option to disengage.

16) Makes you as fast as a mount after using any ability. Extremely viable escape.

20) Icing on the cake for the entire build.

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