Sonya split push by Dclang

Sonya split push

By: Dclang
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015
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Threats to Sonya with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Gazlowe Same as hammer
The Lost Vikings Can pose a threat to split pushing if played well
Sgt. Hammer Hard to push against
Falstad Stops split pushing with z
Brightwing Same problem as falstad
Abathur Same
E.T.C. Same
Illidan With hunt can pose a threat
Zagara Hard to push against + Nydus network, without Nydus much lower threat
  No Threat

Build goals Top

many other Sonya builds revolve around soling difficult merchant camps, and the point of mercs is to destroy buildings and distract opponents. Well this il skips a step YOU can solo buildings no minions needed and cause quite the distraction. If your team all,pushes another lane the enemy team will have quite the problem. You will be able to solo nearly anyone so they must send more and when they do you have cc resistance so it is harder to catch you. This builds damage revolves around slamming and hitting follow ups while sustaining via war paint and superiority, all,with a damage boat from your heroic. The reduced cost and increased costs balance out and give you a huge damage bonus. If you feel you don't need the reduced cost get the reduced cool down and always pulls trait for your spear. This build is extremely easy to play as you are just standing at buildings and spamming w. By late game you can solo their entire base if left alone and sometimes even if they send someone you can kill them then head back from war paint and kill their base anyway. Sonya isn't listed as a specialist but with this build I always out siege damage anyone in the game. There isn't much explaining to do as this build is so simple but I can give seem tips and variations you can use. You will be able to get the most pushing when objectives are up but some maps don't have huge ibjectives so they are sometimes ignored ( spider queens tomb and black hearts bay on some occasions) so you need to be able to escape when people come, because they will come on these smaller maps, this is why you will need to get your spear to always pull and if,really necessary you can get the extra movement speed bonus aswell however this will lead to a large loss in damage so I suggest not taking the movement speed unless they have multiple global movement heroes.

Power spikes Top

Power spikes are very important and you must know your limits. Pre level four you are very weak if you are against multiple heroes so don't go too aggressive until later levels. Level four is a huge boost to pushing potential and Eric taking but you can still be vulnerable to heroes, if they lack cc and are swishy you can fight them easily but if it is something like a tank, beware of fighting too much as you damage isn't very high at this point. So instead focus on going to open Kane's and pushing the hell out of their walls and forts. Follow through is a HUGE power spikes almost as big as your level 10 spike, now you can fight extremely effectively, your outing is much improved as well so you should be starting to become a real threat. Once you hit level 10 it is god mode. You fight much better because cc is less effective and you damage is 40% higher so war paint helps for more and you can win duels easily as well as take building. Extremely fast. The next two talents are a lull in spikes, you are still strong but they are less impactful, the increase damage is great for obvious reasons. Level 20 is true accession, the game is over at this point if you are left alone, your attacks heal for so much and you gain so much fury firm turret shots your heroic will stay up forever and you can spam slam and follow up to destroy building super fast. You may have noticed I never mentioned ,Eric's which Sonya is thought to be very good at. This is because every second spent hitting a merc is not spent hitting a building, so only take the if all the Kane's are covered or if you plan to set your team up for s big push to distract for your split pushing. I hope this guide brings you. Any victorys, ask me any questions you would like and I will respond. P.S. You do the same thing on every Map so no need for Eco,wing, just kill buildings!

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