Sonya the Barbarian Javalin by mase188

Sonya the Barbarian Javalin

By: mase188
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2014
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Build: SPEAR!

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Threats to Sonya with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Nova Just stick closely and don't get duped. If you do that's kinda sad.
Zagara Minions ... Oh , minions.... easy enough just stick to that buggy zerg booty and eat it up. TOSS DAT SALAD!
Muradin The jumping is cray sometimes with the stuns , but you got this for the most part.
Nazeebo Just watch for walls.
  No Threat
Illidan Meta can cause weird jumping problems but you can stick to him relatively easy.
Tyrael The jumping of his sword may be tricky just aim right and W him down.
  No Threat
Valla Alot of mobility hard to stick to if not fought properly.
Tychus His laser build can be troublesome if he stands in it.
Chen His ultimate with three people can be troublesome because then you may be stuck in a back spot.
Gazlowe He is Very High due to the fact that he spawns things. Hard to stick to a target due to the fact that he spawns them.

Pro/Con Top

Pro -
-Stick to targets easy
-Assassin type game-play
-Spear is a spammable cool-down
-Spear does good damage
-Spam W on people without having to lose ground

-Low mobiliy
-Easily killed
-Slow jungle clear
-Falls off on tanks
-Tricky in team fights

The sticky chasing. Top

So... most people will just push this build off. I can't recomend this due to the fact that this build is for staying on the target and making bladestorm some what useful. Just constantly use your Q to stay on the target and this should be free kills. Using your Q first in this build isn't a bad thing just stay close to the people you wan't and kill them. This will be good for a assassin type Sonya so , go get em tiger.

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