The Butcher: Kill or Be Killed by DFxVader

The Butcher: Kill or Be Killed

By: DFxVader
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015
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The Butcher

Build: Kill or Be Killed

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Brightwing Her Pollymorph can really screw things up if she hits you right after you pop your W ability.
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Hello Heroes,

This will be a quick guide and I'll work to update it as time permits. I do have a video up showcases this build so feel free to check that out as well.
To make this quick I'm just going to go over some Pro's and Con's of the Butcher and as I invest more time in him I'll continue to add to the build
Pro: Extremely High Burst Potential
If the Butcher has full or even near full stacks of Fresh Meat his auto attacks will hit for anywhere from 200-600 damage depending on the level. With this you can Charge for the Stun, Hamstring for the slow, and auto attack for massive amount of damage.

Pair this with a zeratul and you have a lot of insta dead heroes on the enemy team.

Pro: Crowd Control
Between the Hamstring and the Charge you're given a pretty large amount of CC with the Butcher. Utilize these to help you and your team secure kills or even disengage, don't waste them wily nilly and your team will see a lot more value in you.

Pro: High Sustain
With the Butcher's W ability the Brand, you're given a opportunity to get high HP sustain for the Butcher. The key here is to know when to use that ability, you need to be able to get off several successful auto attacks in order to receive the healing. If you're up against a enemy with a blind, don't use your Brand until they've blown their blind, also don't use it on a enemy running away if you can't lock him down.

Con: All or Nothing
The Butcher is a very all or nothing hero, once you charge into battle there is a slim chance you can just leave. He is able to stay in battle by auto attacking and using his Brand, if you charge in and try to leave without being able to attack with your Brand you're going to be in a world of hurt.

Con: Low Health Pool
The Brand sustain helps keep the Butcher afloat quite a bit, but he still has a very small health pool. So if you get stunned, rooted or put into a spot where you can get any healing sustain you'll drop like a hot sack of potatoes.

More to come...

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