The Honky Tonk Bonk by Komrade Klutch

The Honky Tonk Bonk

By: Komrade Klutch
Last Updated: May 28, 2017
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Intro Top

Hey Gang, Komrade Klutch here. Today we're going to talk about Valeera. She's pretty pump. Also she's pretty ****ing hot in her demon hunter outfits. You should probably get one. That's pretty much why you wanted to play her anyways. So rather than tell you all about how much of a uni*** MOBA player that I am (SPOILER: I'm not) or how awesome my win rate is (SPOILER: it's alright) How about i just tell you about this DUO/TEAM Valeera build (Did i just hear the sound of hard wood forming?) instead. Sound like fun? Did you say yes? I can't tell. This isnt a two way dialogue. I'm just going to assume you said yes. EXCELSIOR!



Anyways, This build relies on two keys for success:

Okay! So for those of you still left in the room (man did it clear out faster than a Michael Richard comedy show audience…) Here’s how it works...


CONGRATULATIONS!! You have friends! Or at least weird internet friends! Or you’re just really good at text-based mental manipulation…. And only 2/3 of those are considered creepy to the general public! Hooray!

So, as we know, MOBA team fights and/or small engagements are much more likely to result in a win when you can control the engagement. Thus, changing your kit around to ensure that you can do this, ensures a stronger chance for victory (and retreat if you or your non-friends **** the bed). That said, you’re ditching the dagger for a blackjack.

This build focuses on making your teammate(s) look good in the early game before you become an annoying ****. You’re basically the scout, the CC & the (slightly less) burst. Summed up in 4 words: STEALTH, CHEAP SHOT, EVISCERATE and MORE STEALTH

Alright creepy guy, let’s breakdown our talent choices. I’ll explain why and how these all pair together below:

1. Subtlety
2. Initiative
3. Slice and Dice
4. Smoke Bomb
5. Blind
6. Expose Armor
7. Nightslayer

I know, I know. You’re freaking out because you don’t see the AMBUSH icon up there at all, but let me remind you that you’re using this build because you have/maybe have/mind-controlled at least one friend. Here’s the 1-2.

1. SUBTLETY is your guarantee to having energy to last (in bed). You get 50 extra energy over 5 seconds which helps in prolonged engagements. You will spend 4 sec. in stealth before attacking the majority of the game, so it will always be ready. Vigor is popular, because it gives you 20 extra to start, but Vigor takes you out of setting up gang rapes early game (when you’re actually pretty strong with one of the highest starting Assassin HP’s in the game) to play Pokemon GO with some ******** globes to essentially give you the same energy over a 2 second engagement and 30 less energy over the course of a 5 second one. Combat readiness is non-essential early (again, high starting hp) and will be useless by level 13 when we take Blind.

2. INITIATIVE – is why you don’t take Vigor. Also because Pokemon GO is dead and you don’t need to catch them all. This increases your immediate DPS by letting you get to Eviscerate faster. You don’t have to worry about landing 2 more hits, only one and OH WAIT, you used cheap shot guaranteeing that you will land either Sinister Strike or Blade Flurry and have enough time to crush them down with Eviscerate. Time is everything. Go for the gold.

3. SLICE AND DICE – Obvious; you’re pumping your main DMG ability. I could allow Mutilate here for more versatility, but at 20, you’re going to wish you had Slice and Dice. Assassinate does not fit into your game play and Fatal Finesse is useless thanks to Subtlety.

4. SMOKE BOMB – It’s your primary escape and let’s you finish combos without fear. Regardless of build, this is currently far superior to Cloak of Shadows.

5. BLIND – This amps you and just increase the power of your engagement. The first thing an enemy is going to do when you cheap shot them is right click you, and now that’s useless for 2.5 seconds, which technically increases your time of engagement and let’s you keep on DPSing. For 3.75 seconds, you are safe from everything except ability dmg. **** DFA or Strangle, you aren’t using those and you don’t need Elusiveness for 10% more movement speed since you’re attached to your teammates for the pub stomp romp.

6. EXPOSE ARMOR – Rip that **** off and RAIN BLADES, **********ER! This is your burst right here. 2 seconds of 25% increased dmg with SLICE AND DICE lets you slam in at least 3 basic attacks and maybe one ability. **** Ambush, this is painful as **** to deal with every 8 seconds, and you’re not even supposed to be here today!

7. VANISH – This is where **** gets real. You can now just about pull off your full combo every 5 seconds (More if you allow SUBTLETY to set up before your first Cheap Shot) up to about 3 times before your energy lags behind. This essentially reduces the time for you to activate your control and free combo point by 37.5% which is **** all awesome. And since Energy regen > max energy in prolonged engagements and in Quick Match, you might be expected of this more often than you think (especially with ****ty team comp). Now you have even faster CC and crazy burst DPS that lets you flash in and out of combat. I can't do anymore than that for you. You gotta fight your own battles. Someone famous said that once.


Start with D -> W -> Q or W -> E LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT AS DESIRED.

(Feel free to throw an extra Q or W after your evicscerate early game, but once you get SLICE AND DICE, make sure you're giving room to hit those 3 extra hits. Recommend Q for saving Energy when available.)

Conclusion Top

So there you have it. Should be pretty straight forward from here. Always remember that HotS is a TEAM game so if you want to play a solo stealth game, go buy Thief 2. Man, that one was the best one. It's old but still holds up.

Anyways, I’ll let you see yourself out… I got **** to do. KOMRADE KLUTCH, AWAAAAAAY! ::Doesn't actually go anywhere::

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