The Undying Prince by filo

The Undying Prince

By: filo
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2015
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Build: The Undying Prince

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Who is the mighty lich king? Top

Arthas is a "warrior" with pretty high damage. He can tank a lot of damage even early on in the game. His damage is almost that of an assassin or maybe even better actually, since he can burst a lot of people who don't have any healing/absorb or evasion. With this build you will deal A LOT OF DAMAGE while still being unable to die even if 5 people are focusing your face.

With Arthas you have to take the Initiative to engage in a fight but know your limits, early on you don't have your ghouls to heal from but death coil still heals for something. Use your early game advantage with your passive because trust me, you can zerg pretty much anyone in an instance. Try to root someone first, turn on E, auto attack and then use passive to reset and deal more damage. A lot of people underestimate Arthas since he is a tank to not deal much damage. I have gotten first blood with Arthas almost every time i play him.

Many people also tend to chicken out when they have low HP. With Arthas you have to stay still and stand strong. You are a warrior, your role is to stay there and fight! Your ghouls will support you, your team will support you, but never abandon a fight and leave your team to die while you only survive, if anything you should be the first to die, because if the enemy team focused you and you died but your team brutally killed them, they kinda screwed up and you did great.

Talent choices Top

LVL 1 - Eternal hunger - gives double the mana meaning you can use abilities more often to heal/deal damage without going back to base.

LVL 4 - Destruction - Better than the others by a lot,a 50% damage boost to passive.

LVL 7 - Rune tap - every 3rd attack you get healed for 3% of your maximum health. Crazy sustain trust me.

LVL 10 - Army of the dead - If you have faith in your healers you could try to pick Syndragosa but I don't think that sacrificing this ult is worth it. You can take damage from 5 heroes and still be at full health when the ult is over, that's how good it is, its what makes the lich king a fearsome enemy.

LVL 13 - Relentless - Offers a nice CC reduction witch is always great to have. Other option might be Biting cold if you need more damage in your team.

LVL 16 - Frostmourne feeds - you picked upgrades for it, it would be silly not to take advantage of it for a second attack in a row, I mean come on who does not want that much damage and mana sustain. Other pick might be stoneskin if you really are the only tank there or when you don't have healers.

LVL 20 - Legion of Northrend - upgrades your ult so that it heals for more, more ghouls to heal from, and 5 seconds longer for them to last. Congratulations you just became immortal.

Ability usage Top

D: Frostmourne hungers is your main focus here. So what does it do?

1.Resets your auto attack
2.Increases the damage of your next attack by 100% = 200% attack damage
3.Restores mana

Now with the talents you pick, you will have double the mana restored (60), damage increase to 150% = 250% damage attack and it will apply to your next 2 auto attack instead of one. What does that mean? It means you get 120 mana back every 12 seconds, 1st auto attack(150% + 100%) + 2nd auto attack(150% + 100%) = 500% of your auto attack in 2 attacks.

Q: Death coil is a standard point and click damage ability, but can also be used as a seal-heal.
The actual healing is better than the damage it does, but when you need that extra damage on to someone to finish them off or to zerg someone, use it offensively.

W: Howling blast does not deal a lot of damage, in fact almost none, but does a sweet AoE root for 1,5 seconds. Howling blast does have a delay when you cast it so be careful when timing/aiming.

E: Frozen tempest is a toggle on/off AoE "aura" ability around you that does a nice amount of damage and stacks up a slow over time. It is great against non-escape heroes such as a pesky nova who cant jump away or anything at all.

R: Army of the dead is a great ability when a team fight starts but watch out, there is a time frame until ghouls can be sacrificed to heal yourself (around 2 seconds) so use this ultimate before the fight starts so you can heal up right when you want it. The ghouls don't deal that much damage but heal for a large amount and you have lots of them so pretty much with the ghouls + death coil + rune tape you are gonna have godly sustain.

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