Thou shall not pass! by DonPhelippe

Thou shall not pass!

By: DonPhelippe
Last Updated: May 25, 2015
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Build: Zombomania (the night of the living...

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About me: Top

Greetings everyone, this is DonPhelippe, a by no means at all accomplished player ("Way to go chief!" "Shut up Tychus"). Most of the heroes I prefer and play are either supports/healbots or specialists with the occasional Diablo thrown in. The melee life didn't chose me (hey, even in DnD/Diablo 1 I always played a mage/ranged caster!) so, as much as I love them warriors or melee supports/assassins, I simply can't work with them - not my playstyle.

Although I consider myself an ant among giants (or even worse, an ant among Imperator Titans!) I believe I have some interesting propositions for Naz, our favourite WD (please pray for an Ancient Starmetal Kukri to drop!). By the way, I haven't plowed through many guides for him but I believe I can give you my ideas on an interesting way to play this fella - worst things you can charge me for the 5 mins it took you to go to the end!

Stay awhile and listen...

Playstyle Top

This guide focuses mainly on a certain way to play Nazeebo which focuses on control, CC-ing and semi-siegeing, not direct attacks or bold moves against other heroes. This may sound counter intuitive to many but positioned well, Nazeebo can be an excellent asset for team efforts and deny lanes and enemy progress.

The whole gameplay revolves around Zombies as you might have guessed by now. The main point of the build is to make sure that nothing gets through your choke points, that enemies lose prescious seconds trying to circumnavigate your walls and always have a multitude of things happening on screen. The more pizzazz you bring against your enemies, the more they are prone to do mistakes or try to move around, hence lose prescious positioning that for certain heroes is tantamount.

General advice Top

Examine the opposite team. Focus on movers who can't teleport and keep them blocked. Your effort is always towards cc-ing or blocking the opponent and harassing the lane so that your partner pulls the finisher - unless of course you have that chance yourself!
While idleing in your lane (yeah, right!) your efforts should concentrate on killing minions, by the truckload - and have your zombies ready on a moments notice to create choke points, deny manoeuvrability to the opponents or close the gates before they are used.

Your tantamount quality should always be on the lookout on WHERE to place the zombies. Remember, they appear after some delay which can be the whole difference between a good entrapment and a failed spellcasting. Time your casting by observing your opponent and how he/she moves around. Keep everyone away and deny passage to everything.

Once again, for the sake of repetition: This is not a kill build. This is a control build. Control the lane flow and you become a hurdle one cannot trifle with - or even overcome.

Level 1 Top

Of all talents this is the obvious choice, especially if you are stuck in a lane on your own and you must control its flow solo. Kill minions as fast as you can, using any other ability except your zombies. Make sure to apply poison as fast as you can and pretty soon you will have an astounding amount of health and mana (This talent scales and scales WELL).

Level 4 Top

This is a talent that you do not take for its present value (although 5% extra damage is always a good thing) but for the latent times that the mass fights over map's objectives or mass pushes happen. An investment, if you will, although it will serve you well when killing waves after waves of minions when a lull comes around.

Level 7 Top

And now it's time to start reaping them rewards! Zombies, up until now used as choke points or what not, get a significant boost. As always, remember that it's all around timing and positioning, nothing else. Place your zombies (remember, you have to be quite close to your target to do that) and move away as soon as the cast is complete - or if you have some health, be a bait for a second so that the wall materialises around the poor chap that you trapped. This is a technique which unfortunately cannot be taught by any guide except playing, unfortunately. All I can say is that if played well, more weak heroes will have to either break cc with their R/active abilities and the more tanky hereoes will have to weather the storm while you blast them from a distance.

Time. Your. Zombies.

Level 10 Top

The trap is complete! As soon as your unfortunate target is safe (not!) within the confines of the wall, instead of wand-ing him or throwing spiders, you have the chance to provide him with a friend to play with. Gargantuan should basically be the go-to talent for any Nazeebo build because the damn spirit is a mess to play with and forces you to be within range of the ranged fellows out there, not a good proposition for our poor witch doctor, even with loads and loads of extra health.
Remember that a properly placed gargantuan next to an imprisoned target can get also a stun, so more CC for you. Extra points if you get the stun the exact moment the opponent tries to flee the circle either by cutting through the wall of when the zombies go off.

Timing, timing, timing!

Level 13 Top

The best talent for a zombie build, not only it alleviates some of the pressure of late game for precise zombie placement but also provides a chance for more havok against the enemy team since they will have to lose their positioning in order to escape the zombies. Also, when cast on enemy gates, the uprooted zombies will provide some cannon fodder for the enemy turrets (always a good thing)

Level 16 Top

Not the one you expected huh? But you should. Once again, this is not a hunt down the opponent build. It is a control build. You bring to the table the need for enemy heroes to move and hence stop what they are doing. Although the Specialized Toxin is a good thing against enemy heroes, it means that you have to be within their ranged attack radius, so it's only good (arguably) against semi defeated heroes. The infested toads allow you the luxury to cast and run and then keep running, which is something you will do A LOT since a CC-er is never a good tank or assassin.

Use guile. And timing.

Level 20 Top

Obvious selection is obvious I hear you say. And why not? If you are not in a dire situation (e.g. suddenly all alone against more enemies than you can block or your zombies are eating brains and have to wait for their cooldown), immediately casting the gargantuan is what you should do. Since the late phase game consists mainly of team effort or backdooring (which Naz can pull excellently well), a permanent gargantuan is something that allows for not only a stun, but also something more to pull the fire of these last forts and/or enemy nexus. Plus its one more HUGE thing that bodyblocks heroes, and which along with strategic placement of your zombies can provide the crucial difference between a choke that leads to a dominated enemy team and a haphazard effort thats wiped away out of your feet because of enemy rushers and chargers.

Epilogue Top

First of all thanks for reaching this point! It was really appreciated and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it. Secondly any and all criticism is welcome (please, do provide it).

Third and most important: this guide and playstyle advice doesnt work well against some heroes. Obvious teleporters should be considered off limits and occasional teleporters (e.g. Illidan's teleport attack) should be taken care off when they have used their abilities. Either case, you get to choke a lane and keep it clear and balanced for your team, which is more than what some heroes could aspire too.

So, to recap: Zombie often, zombie well, zombie in a timely manner, toad up minions and time everything impeccably, block and run and make everyone lose their footing!

Happy hunting peeps!

P.S. Seriously, pray for an Ancient Starmetal Kukri (damn you RNG!)

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