Unending Hate by Osogun

Unending Hate

By: Osogun
Last Updated: May 31, 2016
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Build: Unending Hate

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Hero Tactic Top

Illidan is unstoppable one-target killer, who quickly eliminates dangerous targets like healers. He can easily jump on the back of the enemy lines and then go back. Playing him, make pressure on the enemy support, so it can't help it's team.

Talents Breakdown Top

Tier 1
It's a good choice if you know that fight will not take place in small areas or melee. Otherwise, choose . It's great burst damage buff, that allow you take down enemys support (and other dangerous targets) quickly.

Tier 2
Allow you to run out of/into combat faster.
situational Allow you to tun through enemys walls and use your W more often.

Tier 3
Increase you survivability. Have more uses than .

Tier 4
It allows you to eliminate dangerous targets.
A good one, when you need to improve you survivability.

Tier 5
Allow you to stay alive longer.

Tier 6
Great bonus damage, allow to kill targets faster.
situational Pick this one, when enemys team is made up of many tough guys (tanks).

Tier 7
Normally I prefer becouse it's slower fleeing enemys and allow to kill them faster. Sometimes you need to take another one. For example allow you to run away from bloody combat, so pick this when you die often.

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