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By: Heavelyn
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2015
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Build: Valla - assiassin or specialist?

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Sylvanas U need to stun her. U really need to.
Azmodan Tank needed. Or skill.
  No Threat
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  No Threat
Diablo Pretty impossible to kill, but he can't kill you either. Just don't try to 1vs1 him because it doesn't make sence.
Falstad Run for your life.

Stoneskin or Executioner? Top

You will see what u need more - more dmg to kill quick, or more hp to survive.

Like : Nova is easy without executioner as long as you can survive her ganks, so stoneskin is better if she is the one, who "kills you" in enemy team.

Why specialist? Top

Nice dmg, pretty easy to push lines.
- easy exp. -

But with this build u can kill too. All ranged heroes (with not much hp) are pretty easy, because Valla moves fast, she attacks fast and she can always stun enemies. But u need to choose WHEN to stun because If u do it wrong - u're dead (otherwise enemy is).
And what about tanks... Well - Stitches is pretty easy, but diablo is not and so on. Depends on enemies build and skill.

That's it.

What's going on here? Top

This build is for - push and if enemy atk 1vs1 run or kill.
Not bad teamfighter too, but not from the start.

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