Valla AA Build. Top damage by MiLorD

Valla AA Build. Top damage

By: MiLorD
Last Updated: Dec 9, 2016
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Build: AA Build

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Just use this as is.
Little explanations below. [Bad English]
1. This is auto-attack build.
2. This means that you need to use the talents that increase auto-attack.
3. If you think that some talent will do more damage, you do not think about the future. Over the long term through the auto-attack will give you a ton of damage.
4. At the 7th level, you can take any talent, but Repeating Arrow do more damage.
5. Rain of Vengeance must be taken because it combines well with auto-attack at level 20.
6. At the 16th level, Seething Hatred helps to save your Hatred. But if you're playing against, for example, Cho you can take Manticore.
7. Storm of Vengeance second key to your victory. Cooldown (using auto-attack) about 6 seconds. It is 2 times less than Q and W. Damage to 1.5 times greater than Q and W. Slightly less mana. As a result, we have more cheap ability with DPS 3 times higher than Q and W.
8. Do not lose your stacks of Hatred!

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