Valla [AutoAttack] by cyanogen101C

Valla [AutoAttack]

By: cyanogen101C
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2015
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Build: AutoAttack4Days

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Murky This guy is EASY to beat, but GL trying to find his stupid re-spawn egg. just make sure to walk out of his spells, he is super squishy so u just destroy him
Jaina Vault away from her spells and its easy cake
Valla 1v1 Yourself? of course you will lose. that other guys is hacking, trust me.
Kerrigan You can't vault after she starts her pull, so just try save it for after she pulls, you should be OK though since you can escape after she does her combo. unless she has backup....
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  No Threat
Stitches His pull is stupid, like stupid, blizzard nerf plz its a tough choice to either dodge his pull with vault or save vault for after he pulls you. personally i would try dodge his hook since he has his stupid ult as well. ps: blizzard nerf plz
Sonya Make sure to get the "giant killer" talent, this woman is just a BEAST, luckily you can vault out of her ult
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Talents Top

Level 1.

This will make early fights and laning much easier by adding some lifesteal, this gets underestimated since people dont expect all the healing and the damage.

Other = Rancor : this gives some nice attack speed, although late game even without this your attack speed is fine

Level 4.

This is a autoattack based build.... of course you need lifesteal!

Other = Manticore : this can be useful but in fights and chases you might have to keep swapping targets.

Level 7.

Caltrops are great for when you get chased, a slowed target means you can escape faster and even get a bit more damage. dont forget you can vault over someone when chasing and its almost a 100% chance to slow them with caltrops

Other = Searing Attacks : TBH this is probably a better choice, i just suck at using my numbers on my keyboard, just depends if you want more damage or safety

Level 10.

Of course you want strafe, Tons of AoE damage!!! it hits everything from monsters to towers to champs, really a great spell in 5v5 fights!

Other = Rain of vengeance : this is really horrible, a small AoE and the stun doesn't even last long enough to get them hit by the second wave of it.

Level 13.

Great extra dmg against tanks and nice dmg against non-tanky champs, overall more dmg!

Other = Spellshield : you could get this if you get destroyed quickly in fights, its very strong against spell based heroes/builds

Level 16.

Extra hopping is super great for chasing and running away, as if 1 vault wasn't OP enough, also both vaults drop caltrops so its almost a guaranteed catch/escape.

Other = Blood 4 Blood : Another good choice, once again i just hate extra activatables
Other = Executioner : This is a nice choice if your team has slows or other CC, in this build we skip the slow on W talent so by yourself this talent isn't good for 1v1's

Level 20.

Attack Speed and Range, what more could you want on a autoattack based build? This is just great in every way

Other = Vengence : Get this if you have a lot more 5v5 fights and you just need more AoE damage than single target

Playing Top

Im 2 tired, i'll do this later

1. Vault like a hoe
2. spam A click in fights if you dont know who to focus
3. Q often in fights for dmg + heal
4. This build doesn't worry about W much, just use it for quick AoE dmg, but dont rely on it

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