Valla Hungering Arrow - QM and Anti melee build. by Kostadin

Valla Hungering Arrow - QM and Anti melee build.

By: Kostadin
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2016
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Build: Hungering arrow...

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Threat Hero Notes
Valla Dude pls
The Lost Vikings 3 bodies. That means when you strafe, W or rain you will do SUPER dmg. The problem vs them is that you might get outleveled by alot. If that happens you will probably lose the game. They are usually picked on garden. You can expect them to hide in the bushes during the seed fase. Hunt them down.
Muradin Hes very strong vs melee heroes but you arent one. You win him on lane and kill him in TF with giant killer. Watch out for the stun and change target if he has his Hardened shield up. I mean, he usually isnt your focus target but as ranged you cant go and focus other ranged, yo know even tanks do alot of dmg to you.
Diablo During laning phase you watch map and make sure he doesnt gank you. In teamfight you wait for his Charge and Overpower. Apocalypse is ez to dodge with E. Use giant killer and kill him. I would prefer AA build vs him though.
Lt. Morales Not really good vs you. Her weakness is that she can heal 1 target at a time and your Strafe/Rain, W , Q- bounces are all AoE. Also upgraded strafe at lvl 20 is super strong and she cant keep up with it.
Li-Ming You have potential spellshield, you have vault to doge skillshots, you have movement speed trait to dodge her skillshots even easier... So in teamfight and in duel shes not so strong. The real problem here is what he might do to your teammates. When someone dies just watch her closely and prepare to dodge.
Gazlowe Another underrated hero. His turrets are good for zoning you cuz they do quite abit of dmg (for your healbar ofc). In lane you need to focus them and if he keeps placing them he will run OOM. In teamfight you easily dodge his deadly combo cuz of your vault.
Chromie Does alot of dmg but you can see where her Q is pointing so if you pay attention you will be allright. Also you might want to get spellshield except if giant killer or the slow arent really necessary.
The Butcher In tf he should be more afraid than you are. Slow at 13 and stun + kiting will get him killed cuz he has to stay and hit something to survive. Most go lamb to the slaughter. Before they make it silence you, it was possible with this build to survive and kill him EXCEPT if he didnt have spellshield but now... You will have to wait 3 sec cuz of the silence. You probably wont die for that much time though. Good idea is to get upgraded rain at 20 and throw it before you get silenced so you have some sort of safe zone.
Leoric Was once the strongest but sadly now he is kinda weak and underrated. He is slow you are fast and agile. Just watch out for his Entoomb.
Cho Really annoying poke. Yes you have giant killer and fast aa but you will also need some cover from tanks and melee assasins. In my experience you can solo him depending on his talents and also if you have giant killer and bfb which just gives you another healtbar. Still I woudnt prefer dueling him though.
Nova Easy outplayable. Also if you get spellshield and go full Q build you usually kill her in 1v1 except if you really dont fuck up.
Xul You will lose vs him during lane fase cuz of his traitm but in Teamfight you easily break his shield cuz you have alot of spell dmg and you can just shatter it. Also if he roots you you have vault to go back to safety.
Tracer Rather easy if you are good cuz even with her blinks your rain is instant AOE and your W too so she wont be able to dodge it if she doesnt pre blink. Overall it depends on your and hers skill. Also both your Q-s chain to the target except when you completely miss. Spellshield might save you few times from bomb if you dont have your heals up to heal.
Thrall Sundering might be bad but even if he sunders you and then uses his Wolf to root you you can survive REALLY easy. You have rain, potentionaly slow, heals for like 60-70% of your health depending on your talents. Though it might be tough if you use other builds.
Raynor You have more heals at lvl 16 than him and you have more burst dmg cuz you can use your heroic to kill him. Try timing your burst when he is at 50% so his heal wont proc. Though sometimes if hes underleveled just 2x Q, W and blood might be enough. Your aa is slightly weaker than his aa with this build. In teamfight hyperion might be annoying. Not that it does mega dmg but your health is low so every dmg is alot for you.
Greymane Same as thrall. Some greedy greymanes might jump on you but with this build you will just fustrate them cuz you wont die. Has annoying poke though.
Kael'thas In duel its usually easy even if he catches you in gravity lapse cuz if you get spellshield + 60-70% heal from talentsm you just wont die. Phoenix will zone you good in teamfight. Pyroblast - noone above shit league picks that. His Q you can dodge ez.
Arthas Some immobile heroes have problem with his E cuz they cant get away from it. Fortunately you arent among them. He can do alot of dmg if he roots you and then use his Trait but nowhere enough to kill you ESPECIALLY with Q build. Both his heroics are really bad for you though. Zombies soak your HA and slow.. well its bad for everyone to be CC-ed.
Kerrigan Thats exactly what this build is for. To defend yourself vs melee heroes which jump on you and try killing you.
Falstad Most go Mage type Falstaad. Q is easy to dodge and his dmg from aa and W is just not enough for that build. If you go strafe he might rly fuck it up if he manages to gust you away. Hinterland blast - Vault.
Dehaka Watch out for him. He can burrow to your lane. Fortunately the game will play a noise when he does. You need to watch not to get too far from safety during laning phase. In teamfight you wait for his drag and then unleash hell on him.
Stitches Dont get hooked. If you do, your heals will prove quite valuable and will save you alot of t imes but not everytime. Get bolt of the storm cuz 1 hook in the lategame might decide everything. After he used his hook --> kill him. Dont get gorged.
Sgt. Hammer Strong AA. At first she will beat you in lane but after lvl 7 if you can get 2x arrows on her she will have to back off or die. If you pick strafe, you might be forced to back away and not get full value of your strafe cuz she will AA you and her aa hurts, not to mention you cant heal while strafing.
Zeratul The real threat here is not that he can kill you 1v1 (cuz he cant with this build) but his void prison can. Though if you pick spellshield you can survive it sometimes.... or just get bolt of the storm
Tychus Tough but winnable if hes not outleveling you... You can vault away from his Q if he has used his E already. His poke is annoying though.
Abathur Underrated hero currently. His mines though. Thats some true AIDS. Not only the pokee from them is alot but also it pops your spellshield. Fortunately with this build you can heal from a minion wave with Q so you wont be coming wounded to the teamfight.
Rexxar His pet can constantly jump on your team's backline, stun you and also SOAK your Q-s. He doesnt kill you but but any dmg is annoying and bad for one with such little health pool.
Lunara Annoying poke. You usually manage to 1v1 her but if she has picked Leap you really need to be careful with your arrows. Miss them and you are mostly likely dead.
Sylvanas In teamfight her Wailing arrow is REALLY bad for you. Fortunately you can dodge it just ez. Her mind control is bad but your teammates can deal with it.. and they usually do. In 1v1 you should win but if the sylvanas is good and manages to hit you ESPECIALLY with upgraded arrow, you will mostly likely die cuz u cant use your heals.
Artanis AA build is better vs that guy in my experience. Even though this build is to deffend yourself from melee assasins which try to kill you, you will find it much harder to pass his shields when hes below 50%. Full AA build doesnt have such problems. 4 Sec blind is always bad but fortunately this build isnt pure aa build and you can still do alot of dmg.
E.T.C. Watch map for ganks early game. In teamfight he will force you to play really carefuly and not overcommiting. You need to think as you are the ETC himself. When you see your team stacked, if you are ETC you will probably powerslide into mosh, right? Thats why you need to quickly vault away from your teammates and prepare for interrupt with rain. Also ALWAYS go for rain. My team always get caught :( cant trust anyone for interrupt.
Malfurion If you get caught in his root you are in a BIG trouble. Lately I see some deadly Maw + Root combos and they work really well. Also I've seen some people taking twilight dream so dont get cloose to that guy.
Sonya In 1v1: well, usually noone wins when you roll this build. In teamfight watch out for Leap if he has picked that ult. Can prove quite tanky for the dmg he can deal.
Tyrael The threat here is not what he can do to you by himself. The problem is that sanctified ground. Good placed ground can negate your rain of vengeance and big part of the strafe. Currently underrated hero tho.
Illidan Usually you win him in lane but you cant go and siege his towers cuz then you will be far away from yours and he might jump on you. With this build you can kill him 1v1 but its VERY VERY VERY hard. You need to time both arrows, W , Rain , Blood for Blood when he doesnt have shield and you must not miss. Then you MIGHT get him. In teamfight you have Rain and potentionaly 50% slow on lvl 13 and thats EXACTLY what melee assasins dont like.
Chen Underrated but strong in some scenarios. You are Q not AA build so you wont be able to do much about his shield. He wins you in lane. In teamfight you just dont focus him, though with full burst (2xQ, W, rain, Blood) you can do alot of bad things to him.
Johanna Can get Imposing presence. Has shields, has stuns and cc and has blind. With this build you cant just focus and kill her. Only with full aa build perhaps you can time the moment when she has no defensive cds to blow but this is Q build. You can vault from her W + Q combo.
Zagara You have low healthbar and her Zerg Hunter does quite alot dmg. You wont win her on lane though you wont use that terribly like alot of others do. Usually she manages to soak some tower shots but never a tower.
Azmodan Good Q stacked azmo does alot of dmg. Alot of POKE dmg and you have low health so poke is usually really bad but in this case it does like 40%-50% of your health bar. In a duel you usually win cuz of giant killer and BfB which is a second healthbar vs him.
Brightwing She can poly your strafe. Her heal is AoE and your dmg is mostly AoE too. Rain, Strafe, W, Q-s bounce to others around. She also has spellshield on her BW shield at lvl 13 which usually saves the target you try to hurt. Block charges arent that bad, though. Your aa is fast and will remove them faster and you arent some sort of AA reliable hero with this build.
Anub'arak 2 Stuns and the BEES. You are Q build the damn bees soak your hungering arrows . Also lockdown is always bad. Wont win you on lane though.
Nazeebo Great poke. Usually you cant reach him without taking too much dmg. You can get out of wall with E but smart naz will use it to soak your arrows. Also he usually has 5.5hp on lvl 23 when you have 3.1k.. soo even if you reach him he wont die easily. Also sometimes in TF I dont do much I can do cuz im busy kiting uprooted zombies and spiders.
  No Threat


This is Valla's Q build. Best build in QM. In ranked its used mostly to deal with melee assasins and deffend yourself. Good duelist and thats why alot of the other heroes which are concidered high threat to valla are put lower on the scale for danger, cuz this build deals with most heroes easy. In most of the situations you might want to go some of the other 2 builds, though. BUT STILL Q build is never a mistake.


Pros: Good spell dmg.
Good aa dmg.
Good duelist. Can turn around and kill thoose melee ***ains instead of running from them.
Heals for 53%-100% heals depending on what you use blood for blood on. With spellshield that makes you
preeeety tanky... And you can survive situations in which other valla builds cant.
Good burst.

Cons: Doesnt bring that much for the team as the other builds can bring.
Weakest AA from the 3 builds.
Not that high sustain dmg as the other 2 builds. Still decent tho.


LVL 1: Siphoning arrow - core talent to the build
LVL 4: Puncturing arrow - obviously core talent for the build
LVL 7: Repeating arrow - OBVIOUSLY core talent for the build.
LVL 10: Rain and Strafe - they both are viable. You usually go rain when they are melee heavy(80%
of the times with the increased popularity on thrall and sonya) and
have melee ***ains. Not that good idea vs 1 melee(tank) and 4 other ranged heroes. This is where you go
LVL 13: ALL are viable - the good part of that build is that your lvl 13 talent isnt a core talent
for your Q build and you can choose for example giant killer, to get more sustain dmg from the AA build or
Frost Shot - to get more control from the W build. Tempered by discipline isnt prefered for new valla
players,though. You will need to aa something to get hatred stacks before the actual teamfight is started
so you have benefit from the talent. That also means on some maps where there isnt anything to get stacks
from it is a BAAAD idea to go with Tempered by Discipline. Such maps are BHB(cuz you mostly fight near the
pirate, Cursed Hollow, Towers of Doom. So you get Tempered by discipline on the other maps and when you
dont really need spellshield or the slow from Frost shotand their frontline isnt exactly really high on HP
for you to go giant killer. I imagine such teamcomp only in QM. Spellshield you pick vs alot of spell
damage users(obviously) and when you dont need giant killer that much. Giant killer is usually the most
prefered one though. With your fast AA its just too good.
LVL 16: Blood for Blood is the go for talent. PLS DONT GO TUMBLE. ITS JUST BAAAD. You have 1 more
arrow but in a teamfight you cant heal that much from that arrow as much as you would with BFB. Also you
are already mana hungry hero so why should you waste 135 mana. Not to mention that when your vault reset,
it doesnt give you a second charge for the second vault so its like 2 vaults at the start of the tf and
then 1 for the rest of the battle. About Executioner: if your team has enough CC for executioner you
should have gone AA build anyways. Still if you think you need that extra safety from Q and want that
Executioner you will need to get the lvl 13 slow with it. Its a really good combo. 5/8 sec you will have
30% stronger AA.
LVL 20: All are viable(yes even upgraded rain has its uses) - Upgraded strafe you usually pick when
you dont die often and you dont need bolt. Also when you didnt pick Giant killer on lvl 13. If you did,
you go for Nexus Frenzy. Its a sin not to go for nexus frenzy if you have giant killer. Bolt - vs heroes
like Zera, Leoric, Stitches or if you die much. Why vs thoose 3? Imagine late game getting hooked and lose
the game cuz of that 1 hook. Hooks matter ALOT late game. Same is with Entoomb and Void prison. Also Bolt
is the ultimate defensive and offensive tool. The last one is Storm of Vengeance: people usually think its
terrible talent and they are kinda right. I did however find some uses for it. For example read the guide
above about butcher. 4 Waves will make some sort of a safe zone. If you have morales and they have illidan
jumping on her, you can drop rain and her and tell her to stay in it. Worked with big success. Also it
proved quite nice on some maps with alot of narrow spaces. Still the other 3 are the preffered talents.

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