Valla Hungering Burst Build by Zatoxz

Valla Hungering Burst Build

By: Zatoxz
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2015
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Build: Hungering Burst

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The build works decently good against both 1v1 and team fights. You start by using your hungering arrow, then possibly your multi shot. Your enemy is probably now at 50% HP and starts to run. You'll then roll over to the enemy and use Hungering Arrow again. And Since you've picked Tumble you're able to do it once again and the opponent should be bursted down by then. The reason Giant Killer has been taken instead of Frost Shot is because of the second Jump you get from Tumble.
Besides the Arsenal ability makes sure you can do a little Aoe in team fights and especially against mercs and minions.

The Rain of Vengeance again fit this build since the Aoe's already decent and Rain of Vengeance is good at team fights and in some cases 1v1.

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