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Valla mega carry

By: 0ur0boros
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2015
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HELLO READER! 0ur0boros here! Obviously, you have somehow managed to find yourself to my build, and may be asking why I think I should be telling you how to play. I thought I should give a little bit of information about myself and my experience in MOBAs to set your worrisome mind at rest!

I have been playing MOBAs for about 4 years now, and have been a veteran of many different games! I was initially introduced into the same MOBA as most people, LoL. I played League for about a year (and I still play regularly) where I found myself drawn to the carry (or in this case, assassin) role. My play style has always been the "stay in the back and blow people up." After playing League for a minute I found my way to Dota 2, Smite, Dawngate (RIP), and eventually here to HoTS.

I decided to write up a build because I commonly see people playing Valla in silly ways. I don't want to argue that there aren't other equally effective builds, because there are. I just wanted to provide what, in MY opinion, is the most reliable build for Valla.


Talent / Trait breakdown:

In this area I plan to explain my logic and purpose for selecting each of my chosen traits and explain why I think they are the best options.

Level 1: I choose this talent for one specific reason, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH HEALING! In addition to that, this talent provides a multitude of benefits. It allows you to take pressure off your own healer (if you have one) in having to worry about your butt. This frees him up to worry about other squishier, less mobile heroes that may need it.

A close second choice is since it pairs well with my level 4 talent choice.

Level 4: I choose this talent for much the same reason as I chose , sustain. It will also help you overpower some of the damage that your current target might be dealing to you. While some of the other talents available to you at this level can provide some nifty tricks to add to your arsenal, this one is just too good to pass up.

Level 7: This talent is what gives you your bread and butter combo that will allow you to decimate just about anyone you encounter. When paired with your previous 2 talent choices, it grants you your own set of personal burst healing! YAY! You would argue that pairs really nicely with this build as well, and I would agree, but it's pretty common knowledge that burst counters sustain. Keeping that in mind, I go with this selection.

Level 10: This is where things really pick up and get fun! Really, there is no poor selection here, but I choose Rain of Vengeance for one reason, and one reason only. Stuns. This nifty ability will provide you with 2 instances of .5 second stuns with each wave it emits. But, since I am running a burst build, this pairs nicely with it as well.

Level 13: I must say, I LOVE this talent. That being said, this is a tough choice. There are a lot of really good talents to choose here from. If you find yourself going against a highly mobile team, you might consider taking or . Or if you find yourself STILL lacking in sustain (which is highly unlikely) you should take . The only one I would almost never consider taking is and that is only because of it's long cool down.

The over all reason why I go with this choice is to counter those pesky, pesky, beefy characters like Arthas, Stiches, E.T.C, etc. This talent will allow your auto attacks to do an additional 1.5 percent of their life with each attack. Considering you are playing a primarily "right click to win" hero, this is almost a no brainer.

Level 16: This is another talent that I absolutely adore. I almost always take this one. There reason I find it so invaluable is because it is a very useful active ability that can help pull you out of sticky situations where you might have stupidly overextended, or if you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of a fight. I cannot tell you how many times this talent has saved my hide. Not to mention the fact that after you pull off your bread and butter combo and they are left with a smidge of health you can essentially use this as an execute.

Some close contenders for this batch of talents are for when you need to be mobile as FK or for when you need to survive a bit of burst from a Nova's , etc.

Level 20: Ok, before I explain myself here, this is probably the most difficult choice in terms of talents. I advise you to be extremely situational here as this is the final and probably most impacting choice you will make. That being said, I chose because it synergizes so well with all of my previous selections. AND! If you for whatever reason took at level 1 this will also couple nicely with that choice as well. This talent helps me to fit more into my "stay in the back and bring the pain" play style that I said I enjoy so much earlier on. Also, as a ranged assassin, you don't really want to be getting into the thick of things.


Tips and tricks:

After level 7 you are almost full online and you can really start to bring the pain. When I am engaging a target I make sure I have a clear angle on them so that no creeps are nearby to intercept any of the shots of , I then couple with immediately followed by a second

Use aggressively to finish off a low health target. I will caution you against this as you should typically save it as a "I am about to die and need a quick heal" button.



Thanks SOOOO much for taking the time to read this! This is my first build post and I hope to soon be providing builds for other heroes!

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