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Valla Meta Build Guide

By: FiOth
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2015
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Introduction Top

Greetings people, name's FiOth, I am a hardcore gamer, YouTuber and - as of recently - aspiring Build Maker.

This is my first guide for this title but I've worked on many other projects in the past. You can find my work in my channel, Mista FiOth.

You can find the video guide for this build here.

ATTENTION: Make sure you read the ENTIRE guide before you draw your conclusions. Especially if you are wondering why I pick specific Talents at specific Levels.

The reason I chose Valla to be my first subject is that, although she can be played by nearly anyone pretty early on, it is REALLY her high tier gameplay that allows her to shine. Played correctly, this lass can dish out ridiculous amounts of damage, destroy squishes in seconds and commit to tanks, taking them down effeciently and with little effort by using to hunt and reposition.

You might be thinking that my approach is a little bit bizzare but bear with me and I will walk you through it.

Let's get this show on the road!

Pros & Cons Top

As with every build, there are specific pros & cons to this one as well. Pay close attention to the mentions below as they might very well seperate those who "get" how this build works and those who don't.


- VERY high DPS & Sustain during mid-late game
- Gets focused a lot which means that a good player can easily juke the opposing team into chasing a Valla during the teamfight who can easily escape with
- After gaining momentum (stacks) during a fight the Life Drain kicks in, increasing survivability tenfold whilst the AR reaches insane heights


- No matter what you do, you are a squishy ADC. If you get zoned, CC'd or rooted, you are probably dead unless the team intervenes
- Early game is VERY weak. Until 13 and the talents that come with it you pretty much have no sustain and the DMG output is relatively low
- Highly-dependent on positioning and team coordination. If you are not sure about your team's ability to shield you or about your judgment skills (when it comes to how to engage at least) go for a safer build

Early Laning & Staying Alive Top

The biggest issue with this build is how to stay alive and be an asset to the team early on in the game. Since you will have no to sustain you you will need to rely on not-so-readily available means of survival. Suggestions include but are not limited to:

1. Have a healer in your lane, preferably one with low mana costs so they can keep you alive AND at high HP at all times. You will need their help to damage the enemy laner, attempt to take objectives and be combat-worthy in teamfights so at the beginning of the game make sure you coordinate.

2. Play REALLY safe and soak at your first wall. Under the turrets you are relatively safe, cannot get ganked and you'll still be getting XP when each wave reaches you. What sucks is that you will not be able to counter-push or gank the opposition yourself. This is a very restrictive approach but the safest one for early to mid game.

3. Manage your Healing Fountain usage to the best of your ability and rely on Regen Orbs to keep you refreshed. This will take a bit of smart positioning and good judgment but is a viable approach to this phase of the game. Not recommended if you are having problems with ganks or an enemy Roamer close to your position.

Life (and Death) after Level 13 Top

At lvl 13 you hit . This is the big game-changer for this build since from now on gaining stacks will increase you Life Steal up to a whooping 30%. Suddenly, you can sustain without worry, win those 1v1s like there's nothing to it and laugh as your opponents fail to understand that you are not depending on the meager - in comparisson - until it's too late.

Trick to this whole thing is, of course, that you've been playing with a team that has kept the game to a relatively managable state up to this point. Sorry to break it out to you but if your Abathur has been commiting 100% of his efforts to playing with his Minions, well, let's say that you're gonna have to deal with complications.

At the lvl 13 mark you can be the catalyst that snowballs the match or just another squishy snack for the enemy team's The Butcher. Always keep in mind that the Assassins' utility boils down to how much the team can assist them in staying alive and dishing out punishment.

So, in case you are not fighting a desperate struggle - in which you're pretty much GG'd anyway and are just waiting for the end - let's move on to how you can capitalize on the Build.

Long story short, it's time to...

Take them Down! Top

Laning's by far over at this point and it's high time you commit to killing the enemy team, starting of course with the squishes. Jaina, Kael'thas, Illidan and all those all-indimidating Assassins will go down like leaves IF you engage them on your terms. If you are careless and get cought in Jaina's burst for example don't expect good results. Trapped in Kael'thas' ? Too bad, you are toast.

Your damage, and thus usefulness, flows from your ability to be free to act, to auto-attack for those crazy numbers whilsts enemies don't know what's hitting them. See that stun coming in from Muradin's ? to the side. Feel like you are getting zoned and are about to be killed? Fire your and turn the tables on them! As long as you are the one firing and they are at the receiving end all you need to win is one thing, and one thing ONLY: Time. Just a few seconds of you standing, uninterrupted in a fight and doing you thing and it's all over for them.

Stay alive, stay mobile, let them have it.

16-20: Wrapping Things Up Top

At this pont into the game, if your enemies' IQ goes beyond the realm of being able to tie their shoelaces, you are going to be the primary target of every focus, every zoning attempt, every spam of whatever they have to throw at you. Your job is to stay alive whilst punishing their lack of vision and inability to stop you earlier on.

Here's where the choice between & has to be made. If the enemy team has a competent diver (like Illidan) you might consider going for the additional, bursty Life Drain since for a couple of seconds after his you will be shooting blanks due to his . It might be a good idead to use to recover after this and tap him in return.

If you, on the other hand, have a good stunner/rooter/slower in your team, will work wonders for you. Plus 40% damage working in unison with & ? Yes please!

At 20 you pick , hands down. You want to be as far away from danger and cause max auto-attack dmg at the same time so this is the go-to ability, nuff sed.

Closing Comment Top

Events transpiring after the 20' mark should turn most of the fights in your favour, unless you have a really underperforming member in your team (or two. or four). Always keep in mind what you read about your survivability and how to engage and you shall rule!

So, this is it people. I hope at least some of you got something useful out of this guide and that a small number will even give it a spin and tell me what you think!

If you liked it feel free to pass by my channel and check the video tutorial as well. I'd really appreciate some productive feedback. :)

Until next time be well, stay frosty and always strive for Perfection

Now... YOU are the Hunter

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