Valla Right-Click build by basile

Valla Right-Click build

By: basile
Last Updated: Nov 12, 2014
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Build: Right-Click Assassin

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Hi there!
This build is made to optimize your hatred passive.

It's mainly made to mono focus a hero and shut him down, it's still efficient in teamfights if you just take
care of not being in the front-line.

How do you use this build?

Before engage, always try to get 10 hatred by attacking minions.
Use Multishot first (as closer as possible to your target) and activate Searing Attacks,
then full focus on your target(s).
Never use Hungering Arrow in the late game, it's a waste of mana/DPS as you do way more
damages with your right click with less casting time (still a useful skill in early game).

If you accumulate all these passive bonuses, you'll get an incredible dps.

Why do you chose Strafe?

Both ults are good IMO, but I find that Rain of Vengeance is a bit hard to launch.
Good players will escape Rain of Vengeance easily and even if you hit once, you'll not always get the full ult dps.
I use Strafe as a chase/finish ability. You can do way more damage by right-clicking, but
the advantage of Strafe is that you can freely move while hurting pretty hard.
So when you've nearly finished an ennemy, you can just chase him as he may try to leave (because with this build, you should be a 1v1 killer).

Why building full dps ?

I personnally dont think you might take some tanking spells.
You're not supposed to tank and you can shut down most of your ennemies in 1v1.
Just take care of your positionning (Vaulting is a great skill).

I play valla as a hard dps, try not to be catch and burst them all!

Executionner and Frost Shot?

An other good combo would be Hot Pursuit and Blood for Blood.

I think Executionner is better. If your team have some disabling skills, in top of your Frost Shot of 2 seconds, the +40% damages is clearly awesome.

I don't think you'll lack of movespeed, as you have Vaulting, I generally don't have any problems to chase and attack someone. Blood for Blood is a good spell either, one more second of slow and 15% "life steal" (which is very effective against tanks).

If you're getting problems with a tanking team or you just need to chase more, it may be a viable option.

But Executionner, whao.

Fury of the Storm

It's up to you.
But you should consider yourself (with this build) as a killer.
Or HOTS is a teamplay game, you can't win just by getting kills, you have to get an advantage of your kills.
That's why I use Fury of the Storm, it helps getting mercenaries, pushing, and even extra dps in teamfights!

I tried many builds with Valla, this one is getting me the best dps output.
I see a lot of Valla players depending on their skills without considerate their Hatred passive.
Taking double Vaulting or other stuff are minor bonuses in comparison with DPS bonuses.

Just don't get out-catched, keep your position and come in fights at the right moment.
You won't successfully 1v3, don't ever try to stand against multiple targets.
Play it as a roamer, look for lonelyness players, do the mercenaries camps, and most of all THE OBJECTIVES.

I hope my build is clear (I'm not english!), it's still my way of playing Valla but I'm open to critizisms.

Thank you all, and have a good game :)


    1v1 killer
    Big chaser
    Good pushing late game
    Big burst capabilities

    Not tanky at all
    Less mobility than some other builds
    Teamfights can be hard without good tanks/healers
    Requires great positionning skills

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