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Valla- The Valiant

By: polarcola1
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2015
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Build: The Valiant

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Nova Nova should be a threat to any hero in this game. She is really hard to kill and is an amazing Ranged Assassin.
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Introduction Top

Hey guys, my name is polarcola1. I main range assassins and my main hero is Valla. This is my first guide for heroes of the storm, but I am here to give you the best of each hero I play and my experiences using the builds. This build is a build I found myself while testing the different abilities with Valla. My outcome after being full build using Valla with this build usually occurs as me being the number one siege damage and hero damage with the least amount of deaths. I hope you enjoy my information and leave some feedback so I can experience more with her.

This Build Takes Time to Master Top

As The title says, you will need to practice, practice and practice some more with this build. I encourage you to even go off and experience with your own builds of Valla from this. I have a lot of experience with Attack Damage Carries (ADC) in League of Legends, so I am use to just hitting with basic attacks and only using my abilities when the enemy heroes are low. As a Ranged Assassin, always remember to keep your distance from any hero. That is where your advantage of being a range hero comes in at. Next remember that Valla uses mana and is a very mana heavy hero, but you do not need to rely on her abilities. Her basic attacks do damage and gain life back as long as you follow this build. Make sure to always keep her trait, which is hatred as the max stacks because her abilities go around that.

Why use these abilities? Top

Rancor is a good tier 1 start because of the attack speed it gives in early game. Using Rancor also allows you to take down towers, and gates, as well as the enemy minions faster to push the lane harder. This will be the basis of your build due to how well it compliments all of Valla's other abilities later on throughout the game.

Vampiric Assault on Valla is what I favor because of the basic attack life steal you gain from minions and enemy heroes. It will keep you in the lane longer and you will have to worry less about going back to the fountain. For every basic attack you hit, you gain 15% heath back from the total damage of the basic attack.

Searing Attacks is a very, very good ability that does not consume a lot of mana. before using it, you have to activate it by hitting the 1 button if it is your default. It increases your basic attack damage by 50% for five seconds. This will also increase your life steal because of the Vampiric Assault. The best part is that it only cost 15 mana and the cool down is only about 25 seconds long.

Strafe will be your ultimate attack, or finisher. This ability; in my opinion, takes Valla to another level. Once activated, you attack any nearby enemies (minions, heros, or camps) for 4 seconds, dealing 15 damage per hit( plus an extra 6.75 for in game level). Now even though This ability would attack any enemy, it will choose heroes of minions, which is good. The best thing about this is, while in her ultimate ability, Valla can use Vault (E) and leap closer or further away from enemies to get the kill or keep her safe. This allows more strategic play while using her over any ability.

Tempered by Discipline increases your push and your ability to stay in lane basically until the game is over. Once you get your full hatred stacks (10 stacks), you can gain 3% health back from basic attacks. This is on top of your Vampiric Assault.

Blood for Blood is a great ability that would be equipped, by default, to your 2 button. The way I use this is in team fights or 1v1s, when you have to single a DPS (Damage Per Second) hero or focus someone down because once it is activated, it automatically steals 15% of the enemies health and also slows their movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. This is very useful in focusing enemies.

Nexus Frenzy is the last ability that you need, if the game even last that long. The whole entire point of Valla is to be a High DPS hero. This ability automatically increases your range and attack speed by 20% each without any help from any other ability or Hatred stacks.

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