Viva La Terror by NightShiftSuckz

Viva La Terror

By: NightShiftSuckz
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2015
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Sgt. Hammer

Build: Viva La Terror!

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Threats to Sgt. Hammer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
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Diablo Can push and grab.
Stitches Can grab.
Raynor Can push.
E.T.C. Can push.
Kerrigan Can pull.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Muradin Can stun-lock.
Tassadar Can spot you.

How to play this build Top

This build is not how many would play hammer.

With this build you are going to be very hard hitting early on while you take down towers/keeps. Don't be scared to run when you need to since you will always be able to come back to your spots. Late game you can be a terror to your foes since you will be able to vanish and "walk" back into shooting the core at any time.

Now for the fun part of this topic... How this all works.

Ambush is our bread and butter of this build! When needing to run, Hit your "z" to rocket away to a bush or small hide-away in the map close to your target. Use your Concussive Blast to force foes away while you run. When done right you should not have to run far from your target and be able to enter Siege Mode to cloak and hide.

Maelstrom Shells is a very simple choice. Though on some maps you will want to take Vampiric Assault as the towers/keeps will fall faster to the OBJ then you (Sky temple is one such map.)

First Aid is going to save you time. Taking trips back to bases will just slow you down so having a "tool kit" to fix up your tank should always be on your mind.

BFG! This will come in use. From clearing a lane to finishing of a keep. Early on it doesn't matter as to where and what you shot with this.

Barricade is another one of those items in that "tool kit" that will save you. When you find yourself having to run you can "exit" through smaller areas and "close the door" on those that follow you, giving you time to hide and enter a cloaked siege mode.

Hover Siege Mode is not a need.... IT IS A MUST! After entering a cloaked siege mode you can "walk" right past your foes (most the time) and become the true terror that you always wanted to be. Running and shutting the door on most. Hiding and entering a cloaked mode. Then "walking" right back to ripping apart everything you can touch.

Orbital BFG is the most broken thing Hammer can ever have. Proper use of this is to sneak in to your foes base and just fire that sucker on a "short path" (This is where the bullet is in the map for the shortest time. It is a 5 second wait between "orbits" but this does not count the time that the bullet is in the map. You will find this out with a little bit of time.) and kill the shields. Once this is done the shields should never come back. There are other small tricks that can be done with this but those come with play so I will not get into this.

Once you have this build down you may find yourself getting cocky and not even leaving the foes base. This is GOOD. Experiment where you need to with this and you may find yourself yelling with joy "VIVA LA TERROR!" as you flee from your foes knowing full well that seconds latter you will be back in the same spot.

(There will be more to come this with guide. Maybe a video to go through the basics.)

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