What's Multishot? Hungering Arrow fever {Nuker} by greenfrog

What's Multishot? Hungering Arrow fever {Nuker}

By: greenfrog
Last Updated: Nov 5, 2014
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Brief introduction Top

While ignoring Multishot a bit (use it only when you miss a certain amount of instant damage or want to push) this is the build I've found more fun in the alpha so far.

I'm relying on high damage from the three consecutive Hungering Arrow shots thanks to Repeating Arrow and the pinning down ultimate. This build also has a very good amount of mobility.
Hot Pursuit and Tumble are awesome both for running fast to a nearby clash, running away from a clash you ended up into without really wanting it or chasing an escaping enemy down.

The Ultimate (Level 10 talent) - therefore its level 20 talent boost - and the level 13 talent are a personal choice and can be swapped.

Talent break down Top

I'll break down and explain my choices a bit.

Level 1:
Cost-Effective Materials, I'd like to pick this (this build will make you mana starved!) but to solve a bit of the squishiness of this hero I'll pick Siphoning Arrow.
This isn't an autoattack build so +15% ASPD is discarded; don't really understand why pick punishment either for this build (although I feel this talent is supbar).

Level 4:
Puncturing Arrow. We're focusing on Hungering Arrow, remember! Although.. I admit I have never tried Arsenal. For autoattack builds Manticore is possibly the best choice here since 15% of your damage dealt won't be enough to keep you alive in a teamfight for much longer than when your natural death would occur.

Level 7:
Repeating Arrow is a no brainer choice for this build. Searing Attacks and Battle Momentum look better for aa builds and Caltrops is for the true escapers only ;).

Level 10:
I prefer Rain of Vengeance because I can keep damaging my enemy with Hungering Arrow and autoattacks while the ult lasts. If placed properly you will be able to hit with all the 4 hits Storm of Vengeance grants you.. Although only tanky heroes will resis all your skills' damage plus 4 waves :)!

Level 13:
Hot Pursuit.. As stated before you stand a choice here. To increase your overall damage you'd go for Giant Killer. The last two talents are for sustainability which I honestly don't want on an Assassin. Frost Shot could help you chase enemy down aswell but I prefer having the choice to run in or to run out faster.

Level 17:
Tumble lets me do two vaults therefore three Hungering Arrows! Awesome. The other talents are pretty straightforward. Executioner isn't really strong in any build if you consider your hero only within your hero pool. No matter what build you'll choose you won't really have many seconds during which you, on your own, will slow/root or stun your enemy. So you won't have many autoattacks shot with 40% bonus damage. It can be your best choice if you go for auto attacks if your team has a strong rooting/slowing or stunning capability :)! Remember, this is a pure Team game.

Level 20:
Boost your ultimate with Storm of Vengeance, yay! Would pick Vengeance if I went for Strafe at level 10.

Goodbye :) Top

I'm still testing variants and so on, I might update and add info laters.
And for now.. That's all Folks :)!

Thank you for reading :)

For any question I'm Eiko/Greenfrog, [email protected]

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