Xul: Lock Down Build by AchillezxLBT

Xul: Lock Down Build

By: AchillezxLBT
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2016
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This is DEFINETELY a build with the late game in mind so do not be deterred by the fact that you wont see the true upside of it until after 10. Xul off of his base kit and attributes is a MONSTER lane pusher and xp soaker so there is still PLENTY of viability to him in the early game. It helps that he can have skeletons pushing in all lanes as well so keep roaming in mind when using Xul all around.

Build Tips:

1) The evasion should only be used in emergency situations (2 heroes or more against you). The 30 second cooldown is fair considering the upside to this talent. Long story short...youre given a level 13 talent right at level 1.

4) The added range is picked early but not appreciated until the back end of the build. Stay patient with this one. You'll see the upside later.

7) The healing you get off of this talent is INVALUABLE. So long as you see red on the map in the lanes, you have a source of healing. Not to mention the healing transitions into a lane push in your favor. Win win. Also factor in that killing minions is super easy and super safe vs using the curse upgrade to get the same exact healing but against heroes that will kill you a lot faster than a minion ever could.

10) This heroic immediately forces the enemy team to play on their heels. SUPER viable.

13) The slow added to your scythe becomes a MASSIVE headache for the enemy team once you add the 16 upgrade. The Lock Down effect begins here though.

16) Pending that you land the ability on heroes, your Q ability can be spammed every 4 seconds. Factor in the slow at 13 and the heal nerf at 20 and you get the idea.

20) Essentially paints a big fat target on whoever you land the scythe on. With solid team work your Q ability at this stage guarantees kills on whoever it hits.

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