Xul, the one to do it all by Barrows

Xul, the one to do it all

By: Barrows
Last Updated: Apr 6, 2016
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Build: Continuity

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Threats to Xul with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
The Lost Vikings Your swipes with cursed strike should keep them away easily.
Lt. Morales Her lack of mobility makes her your #1 target for bone prison during team fights
Jaina She might be able to clear minion waves as good as you, but you can clear her out of the lane better.
Nova Her stealth and damage shouldn't catch you off guard, you have more health than she can chunk away.
The Butcher His branding is a really good counter to you bone prisoning him and attempting to take him out solo
Illidan His constant melee is a nuissance, and forces out your slows and prison more often than necessary.
Kael'thas Can easily clear your skeleton minions, making him not a fun hero to go against.
  No Threat
Falstad His constant damage against you, combined with the fact you're a melee hero, means he can very well avoid your attacks and abilities.
  No Threat

WTF is this Xul build? Top

This build of Xul is aimed at making team fights easier, along with keeping the front lines down. Everyone else retreats, and you're standing there making sure the momentum is not all lost in the lane. This build aims to keep Xul from hearthing, and making teamfights easier for the rest of your team.

The Talents breakdown Top

Level 1 For this build, where engaging enemies is an asset very useful, avoiding those auto attacks is very important for your survival, especially considering your lack of mobility. If your team lacks stuns however, a good alternative is Shackler, to perhaps make up for the lack of stuns or slows your team might not have.

Level 4 Now I might get some scrutiny for saying to go with this one, because most people will go for jailors. Now Jailors is good and all, but only if you're deciding to beef up these skeletons level 13 and 16, which isn't what we're going for. This build requires TOE, because we are a frontlineman. While everyone else is hearthing away to get their mana back, you'll be on the battlefield continually laning, continually pushing, all while gaining your mana back. There is no time to hearth! only push!

Level 7 Like mentioned above, we are a frontliner. We have no time to hearth, only push! Now because this is a pretty team fight build, you might be saying "but what about gaining health from the other abilities? You're teamfighting, are you not?" This is a good argument,however poor. We're not chasing enemies to the ends of the earth to kill them, we're not pretending to be an assassin. When it comes to teamfights, we're the fighting assistant, not the killer. Our job is to make it easier to kill the enemies, not to chase them down. Also, Rathma's is good for after a teamfight, because like I said, we've no time to hearth, only push! Recover! Push!

Level 10 I had a hard time deciding if poison nova or skeletal mages was a better selection, but in the end, skeletal mages has proven to me to be the better heroic. It doesn't do as much damage output, but it does slow the enemy, making the fleeing ones easier to hit and kill for the rest of your team. It also allows for disengaging, when you're being chased down hard and need a quick distraction. It is overall a more supportive ability, something we like to focus on.

Level 13 As it has been stated many times earlier, we are here to support teams in teamfights, and cause means to make killing/escaping easier. That's why Decrepify is necessary. At higher levels, all heroes become more scary, and slowing them by an whopping 40% is a big deal. This slow even applies to minions and summons, which makes overall survival easier. For our supportive build, it is a must.

Level 16 As mentioned above, heroes get really scary at higher levels. Sometimes you have to destroy them quick before you get destroyed even quicker. That's why our supportive build grants the ability to deal even more damage while they cannot move. Flowing wounds is also an acceptable choice, but not the preferred option.

Level 20 This is what allows Xul to put the final nail in the coffin(pun fully intended). At this point, you're moving with the team almost all the time, and enemy health becomes an issue to knock back. Now some of you might be saying "but wait, we're supportive, why're we not picking raised mage?" Because we already have so much support for our team, it's about time we chip in a bit more damage! If your team is lacking slows or stuns, perhaps raised mage is the better option, and in such cases go for it. If the enemy team has a morales that doesn't enjoy being dead very often, then go with mortal wound. Otherwise, outside of those cases, bone spear is what you're going to be looking at.

Problems with this build Top

Of course, not every build is perfect. Everything has its flaws, and I'm going to touch on them for just a bit.

1. This is not a hero killer. Do not go running into the middle of the enemy team expecting to kill them all, because surprise, you won't.

2. This is not the best lane pusher build. The only thing we care about is raising the skeletons, not keeping them alive. Do not run up to the towers whenever and expect to take them down in one fell swoop.

3. You will be blamed when you lose teamfights. Despite the fact that you'll probably have the most experience given to the team, and despite your teamfight helping talents, you will still be blamed. Probably because you are playing Xul and expect him to be the miracle hero.

To sum it all up Top

This build is not the hero killer build you're looking for. This build is not the lane pushing build you're looking for. This build is a nice mix inbetween, focusing on sustain and support. If you want a supportive role without easing the pressure on the enemy team, this might be a build you want to look into. In any case, thanks for reading my quick Xul guide, and happy necromancing :)

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