A Slow Death by Lilbitofaith

A Slow Death

By: Lilbitofaith
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2016
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Anub'arak I added Anub'arak here for the same reasons as Muradin. Hard to pin down and can stun you but not much of a threat to your HP most of the time.
Muradin Muradin is tough and can stun and jump away making him a difficult opponent to pin down but he really shouldn't be too much of a threat to your hit points most of the time.
Lunara Lunaras trait allowing her increased movement speed and being a ranged hero, means that while she will be slowed by Xuls attacks she won't be slower than normal heroes and can still lite Xul fairly well.
Uther Uther, if given the divine protection ult and built around stuns could give this build a bit of a hard time simply due stunning Xul before he can take advantage of the slow bonus, and he can pop his Ult CD to run away if needed.
Johanna Johannas ability to become shielded and unstoppable can hurt this build as it's main damage is based around slowing it's opponents down and the Executioner Talent.
Sgt. Hammer Hammers great range and splash damage will knock out your minions fast and you'll take a pounding before you get close enough to slow her.

Strengths of the Build Top

A Slow Death Offers the Xul Hero the ability to control the battle field more while still dishing out decent damage. With so many ways to slow his opponents he can keep up with and deal damage to his opponents more often, and once he hits 16 and gets the Executioner talent his damage will go up markedly.

I added in the Trag'ouls Essence and Rathma's Blessing talents to give him more sustain while out fighting. As a lane clearer build he will often take advantage of the mana and HP gains. And if an enemy hero is foolish enough to fight him near minion waves all he has to do is used curse strikes and he'll not only be hitting them all but gaining skeletons, mana, and HP all in a sweep or two of his scythe.

This builds main strengths are going to me against other melee opponents, auto attackers, and those who lack alot of CC.

You can subdtiture Poison Nova instead of Frost Mages if you want a bit more direct AoE damage. The CDs on both are long enough that it won't mess up your slowing much.

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