Annoyed by newbie allies? Then click this. by FFFiend

Annoyed by newbie allies? Then click this.

By: FFFiend
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015
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Build: FFFiend's annoying cloaked Pubstomper

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1. Introduction - Build for?
2. Talent reasoning - Why talents?
3. Build specific tips - How to play

Build for? Top

Quickgames, pub games. New players. Forgiving gameplay. I am feeling with you guys in the forum. That's why I decided to publish my pub build for Tassadar.

Are you annoyed by allies not helping you albeit a fight is happening 1 screen away from them? Are you annoyed of allies not doing teamfights or objectives? And all you can do with your "supporter" is cry and die? (yea expecting someone to help and he keeps attacking creeps is actually deadly).

Then you will be having fun again, with this build.

Tassadar is quite a fragile target and doesn't do much alone, however usually his teamplay abilites more than make up for that. On the flipside I made terrible experiences with the current matchmaking, getting all kinds of allies beginning from fresh installs. I developed a solution. With the build you won't have to worry about allies as much anymore. Enjoy

Why talents? Top

Conjurer's Pursuit A synergy to our gameplay "How to play". Basically in the long run you will never have to go back to base.

Promote A very strong talent if enemies ignore you or if you can escape - both part of the build. Enemies ignore you and you can escape D:

Deep Shift Prescience Dimensional Warp, cause "can't die" and endless heal.

Archon Why? The only viable option, especially in a pub build.

How to play. Top

Take a solo lane and say "mid or feed". Since T*** doesn't have any stuns/roots/slows he doesn't contribute as much to killingi smoeone in the early game. Make sure to grab all health globes :P and try to push the lane.

Of course try to help with the objectives.

The general plan is from level 4 to be as annoying as possible with pushing until a keep has fallen then swap the lane. You have more than enough abilities for that. The talents are all supporting it very much. At 16 you are able to roam around the map and never have to go back. Health and mana recovery are superior at that point.

Use Dimensional Shift at corners brushes to juke and bait. Use Psi Storm to unmount any followers. Albeit the build doesn't focus on damage, you will still be able to deal huge damage with Archon and Psistorm in fights, and you are more save due to the nature of the build. You will also be able to chase(!) with Dimensional Shift.

Due to upgrading Dimensional Shift as given, you can try to be as annoying with pushing as possible. Creating Space. If at 16+ people are able to kill you they must have spennd 4-5 people and alot of time on you, meanwhile even noobs did objectives or pushed a lane themselves. Worth.

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