Grim's Pro Tassadar Guide [Updated] by Crs Grim

Grim's Pro Tassadar Guide [Updated]

By: Crs Grim
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2016
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Grim is a top rank player and guide creator. You can be sure
you are getting quality content and information. Right now,
he is a free agent looking for a professional team. Also, you
can find top quality games on his Stream, feel free to say, hi.

Tassadar is a high-
tier mage in Heroes of the storm at the moment. Unlike other heroes in the game, he is easy to pick up and causes destruction on the battlefield with great ease. Tassadar can grant damage-absorbing shields to his allies, detect nearby enemy heroes, and manipulate the battlefield for his team. He brings both defensive and offensive spells to the battle these spells are very suited for team fights, which is what Heroes is all about. When supporting ally, he is indispensable. His spells also allow for zoning and poking from a safe area. Unfortunately, Tassadar does not have any stun or early game slow so mostly he is placed to solo a lane and soak experience. Although, he doesn't do a lot of damage through his auto-attacks, he compensates with his diverse tool-kit of spells. Like many heroes, he has a primary talent path that I recommend, but also has a couple alternatives you may choose in particular situations. Down below you will find his abilities. Common gaming lingo is used in order not to alienate Heroes of the Storm players.


Level 1: Conjurer's Pursuit

Grants an enormous amount of mana, which allows him to stay longer in a team fight without retreating so often.

NO Overload: As a range hero, you are already keeping a safe enough distance from your enemies in general.
NO Psi-infusion: This relies on you being near enemies and well placed storms on units for any mana regeneration.
NO Reinforce Structure: Time can be better spent helping your allies by shielding them. Avoid this talent at all cost.

Level 4: Leeching Plasma

Gives any of your allies the ability to regain health and alleviates a lot of pressure from your healers to heal often.

NO Healing Ward: Forces your team to stay around the ward, disabling your team's movement flexibility or escapes.
NO Mental Acuity: After a dozen games, you will be able to conserve Oracle's cooldown making this talents sub-par.
NO Promote: Only lasts for 30 seconds and helps minions that will end up dying anyway in a lane that is not pushed.

Level 7: Khala's Embrace

Amazing talent, enables you to support your allies without being near them constantly and can be cast on minions.

NO Deep Shift: The basic duration of Dimensional Shift is enough time for you to escape a bad situation in safety.

NO Static Charge: Still a very good talent. However, it is only effective if the enemy team is stacked or constricted.
NO Calldown Mule: Very bad when compared with other talents in this tier, in terms of team efficiency and support.

Level 10: Force Wall

This allows you to easily separate an enemy team in half, singling out potential targets to eliminate in a haste.

NO Archon: Pick only if your team is missing a considerable amount of damage or has a Reghar with Bloodlust

Level 13: Prescience

Basically grants you a 2nd chance to contribute to a team fight and also bait important cooldowns from your enemies.

NO Distortion Beam: Only slows on your auto-attacks, ends up useless against heroes with gap closers Ex: Blink.
NO Scryer: You should be saving Oracle for team fights only. Also there are better options for this talent tier.
NO Shrink Ray: Still a good talent, however the cooldown is much too long becoming useless in sudden team fights.

Level 16: Dimensional Warp

This reinforces the immortality aspect of Tassadar and stacks well with other talents involving Dimensional Shift.

NO Evasive Shielding: Their are other better talents to help you and your team and the speed is not great at all.
NO Second Strike: Only helpful in small spaces and is useless if you end up dying too easily to the enemy.
NO Resonation: The slow is very short and Psionic Storms in general are dodged with ease by teams of any skill.

Level 20: Force Barrier

Both the range and duration go above and beyond improving an already superb ability that has multiple functions.

Kinda Rewind: I suggest this talent if your team is lacking utility or you are fairly new to Tassadar or afraid of dying.
NO Storm Shield: Only useful if your team composition is generally high in hp. Remember it only lasts a few seconds.
NO Twilight Archon: This would be ideal for a damage only build involving a different talent path.


Early Game:

As the game starts head to a lane that you will be soloing, try going to the lane that does not have jungle camps on the side. Open up the Score Screen and quickly analyze the team composition and talents. If there is a very obvious soloer you are going against, try casting Oracle (D), mount up and quickly cast Psionic Storm (W) on the enemies Moonwell. Pay attention to Missing in Action Calls and if you push your lane up successfully keep casting Psionic Storm on the Moonwell. Early game, try your best to soak as much experience as possible. Try to sometimes shield your melee minion so they can waste the ammo from the enemy towers. If there are many MIA calls keep your Dimensional Shift off cooldown, do the same with Oracle. Be mounted as often as possible. If you are against 2 or more heroes in your lane, ask for a lane switch quickly.[/float]

Late Game:

As Late Game approaches, objective become a higher priority, and you will be leaving your lane more often. Now that your are a higher target for the enemy you will be using Dimensional shift more often, so use it wisely! Keep Oracle for catching the enemy team doing BIG Bosses. You and your team will be moving as unit throughout the map, capturing camps. Now that you have more mana at your disposal, you can freely cast Psionic Storm.


Cursed Hollow: Save your Oracle for tributes and Golem. Tassadar truly shines at lvl10 feel free to forfeit a curse for extra experience.
Blackheart's Bay: As a team clear the first wave in top lane followed by mid lane. Cast Psionic Storm on the chest as it spawns, while attacking it, you have the teamfight advantage due to vision from Oracle.
Haunted Mines: Early game capture bot watchtower and solo bot, ask you team to capture their top jungle camp at Level 3/4/5, when its capture go top and push with 5. Oracle as you reach half lane. Storm the incoming minion wave and shield your adc/carry. Before Mines open, try and takeout 2 enemy heroes, and immediately proceed to capture Knights.
Dragon Shire: Solo mid lane and cautiously visit other lanes to grab the green globe from the ranged wizard minion. Make sure Dimensional Shift is ready for you to use when travelling about.

Garden of Terror: On this particular map, avoid going to other lanes to grab green globes. Also when the small group of 3 seedlings spawn quickly get there and cast a Psionic Storm to quickly grab the seeds.


Early game if you are soloing a lane try and cast Plasma Shield on your melee lane minion as he approaches the tower, so he can waste the enemy towers ammo.
When it comes to team fights cast Plasma Shield on your teammates first. Teammates with no gap closers(ex.blink) need it often.

If you decide to pick up Psi-Infusion at lvl-1 its important to cast on as many minions/targets as possible to gain the most mana back. Wait for all the minions to stop moving before casting (Q)Pisonic Storm.
Avoid casting it on less then 3 targets, resort to auto-attacks if there's not many minions or leave lane for a few seconds to help your teammates that are clearing a camp by casting a single and returning to lane afterwards.

Using Dimensional Shift allows you to ignore unit collision for its duration use it to your advantage. Always try and keep it off cooldown as much as possible especially before a big fight engagement. Also remember that the ennemy team can still see you while your are phased out.

When to use Dimensional Shift:

Top - Howling BlastMedium - Impaling BladesLow - Apocalypse
Shock And Awe Lunar Flare Hammerang
The HuntRaynor's Raiders
Precision Strike Zombie Wall
Nuclear Blast (Deprecated)

When your are about to cast Archon make sure all ennemy stuns and displacement is on cooldown. Also keep a medium safe distance from team fights.

Because enemy team movement is predictable on the map, try and save Oracle when invading, as a defensive tool. If you are invading only 1 camp, get ready to cast Oracle simply because the enemy team has no were else to go.

How-to bug the knights:

Me and my team came across this bug after extensive testing a few weeks before the implementation of Custom Games. We finally decided to release this secret in hopes to make your Heroes of the Storm matches more favorable :) Currently only possible on Garden of Terror, you can position yourself accordingly to bug out one of the knights so he moves back and forth not attacking you.

STEP #1: -Cast Plasma Shield on yourself and get to the absolute corner.

This is the final result as you can see one of the knights is moving back and forth not able to pass through. Its preferable to do knights with your teammates nearby. This is of course also possible on the enemy knights as well. Just make sure to cast Oracle as often as you can since you are invading.

STEP #2:
-Auto attack a knight, wait till they clump up and start attacking you, then cast Psionic Storm on them.

This process will save you a massive amount of Health Points and the ability to do camps at a much lower level then intended. This bug can be enhanced with Abathur casting Symbiote which enable you to do knight camps at an even earlier level. If someone on your team has Healing Ward make sure they place it as you begin Knights.

How-to clear the mines effectively:

Always clear the group of skulls located in the center of the mines first since they are always 6 on left and 5 on the right. I suggest auto attacking to aggro them to you and cast Psionic Storm to instantly clear as many as possible. Clearing these two groups will land you always 22 skulls.

Next you will want to clear the groups closest to the entrance you took, while casting Oracle as a precaution. During this your team should either be clearing Knights/pushing lane or helping you clear the green section of the map. This will give you a 46skull Golem/Knight & Giants pushing in lane. If you feel brave go ahead and steal the enemy giants, highly suggest to do this if you have 2 assassins on your team.

How-to cast Second Strike effectively:

Its important to make sure your Psionic Storm doesn't overlap each other, because the damage doesn't stack together. Casting side by side like shown will cover the most ground while optimizing damage. Casting it also grants vision so use it to scout bushes when your Oracle is down.

Pay attention to the bar and cast you next psionic storm around this point. This requires a tremendous amount of practice.(the cooldown will continue to countdown no matter how long you delay the 2nd storm.)

The Shrink Ray priority:

Its important that Tassadar uses Shrink Ray on the correct target, while still keeping a safe distance to throw out damage. Some Tassadar players will even use Phase Shift to get to the enemy back line easier and try to takedown the ADC (valla,fal, etc...) I only recommend this if you are experienced enough with him.

Top - KerriganMedium - VallaLow - Zeratul
Nova Tychus Illidan
Sonya Raynor
Arthas Falstad

When to use Oracle:

Its important to cast Oracle at key moment when on the map, although as you play more games you will learn to cast it efficiently. The images below give you a guideline of when to cast Oracle.

Red= AvoidYellow= MediumGreen= Very often


Every month I analyze Tassadar and try to pin-pint upcoming meta shifts in Heroes of the Storm and update my guides accordingly. I have my own personally crafted Iris Apache Server, in short if someone plays Tassadar, I know what build they used, if they won, the comp, and so on. Afterwards, extract statistics from other Heroes Data fan sites as well as my own to give you accurate information. Down below you will find a glimpse of the current workings behind Tassadar and observations.


-Shift in general public use of Tassadar with Shrink Ray (3.96%)up-win rate.
-Use of Bloodlust in SoloQueue reduce (8.03%)down-win rate.
-Use of Psi-Infusion in SoloQueue reduce (2.41%)down-win rate.
-Combination of Tassadar and Arthas in team comps. reduce (8.11%)down-win rate.

Counters/Threats to Tassadar:


If you want to see the Tassadar guide in action, your in luck. Below you can find my channel, where I stream on Twitch. If you'd like specific strategies and mentality that goes into a competitive Heroes match, just let me know and I will cover it.


Mouse: I am not a big fan of having a wireless mouse when it comes to gaming. I still notice a slight lag/delay in my action, so I suggest picking up a CM Storm Havoc mouse it has adjustable DPI, which I find important when switching from Support to Bruiser in Heroes of the Storm. The grip it provides prevents your fingers from sliding and slipping, the entire mouse body is coated in a layer of rubber for more stability. Havoc provides large storage which allows you save all macros you program in, and lets you quickly switch between 4 profiles anywhere even without installing application.

Headset: If your looking for good quality material and high performance in a headset, A50 Wireless Headset, is the way to go. Its very comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly since its Wireless you can move around your room without being restricted by a wire.

Desktop: This is my precious of all my possessions. The Alienware X51 is a powerful PC ready to not only take on your fiercest gaming challenges, but whatever else comes your way. Email, shopping and social networking are a breeze on the X51. You can also choose between Windows and Ubuntu operating systems to manage your system your way.

Keyboard: This is the king of all keyboards for Heroes of the Storm. The NovaTouch TKL, utilizes a patented hybrid switch design that combines the benefits of a mechanical spring-based switch and an electrostatic capacitive sensor to provide excellent tactility, comfort, and durability. The unique design of these Hybrid Capacitive switches require no physical mechanical coupling, therefore eliminating key switch bounce & chatter for a frictionless experience.


Q: Are there any other talent variations to Tassadar's build?
A: Yes, but they are situational and not as efficient as the one featured, at the moment it is the most popular and optimal for Heroes of the Storm's current meta.

Q: When can Tassadar solo jungle camps?
A: Typically Tassadar is placed in lane to soak experience, but if that's not the case, he can solo a camp at lvl 4. Cast Plasma Shield on yourself before heading to the giant camp.

Q; How often do you update this guide?
A: I update it on a daily basis as I get new information.

Q: Could you help me with my guide layout/code?
A: It would be my pleasure to help you in any way possible, simply tell me what you need help with, by asking in the comment section below.

Q: Do you suggest any other gear?
A: There is other gear, but what I suggested is the best suited for Heroes of the Storm and personally I think PC gaming.

Q: Are you available for a match of Heroes ?
A: Sure, just leave a message in the comment section below with your BattleTag.




Tassadar is a really enjoyable hero to play, hopefully through this guide you have learned a few things about this awesome protoss and hope I enticed you enough to give him a shot.
Wow, you made it all the way down here, you must really like Tassadar! If you liked the guide, please do give it an upvote! Also leave any suggestions in the comments and your thoughts will be taken into consideration for future edits.

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