Artanis OP- Damage and Tank by edenfa

Artanis OP- Damage and Tank

By: edenfa
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016
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Build: Build #1

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Strengths: Top

[*] Deals high amounts of dmg
[*] Tears through enemies like paper once you max Seasoned Marksman
[*] Tanks a lot of dmg
[*] Basically impossible to kill once you hit lvl 20
[*] You can take Purifier Beam to max your dmg potential or take Suppression Pulse to delete enemy Auto Attackers.
[*] Good players can even 1v3 or more late game

Weaknesses Top

[*] Try not to get stunned, roots can sometimes be a problem but mostly stuns
[*] You are killable until lvl 20, so don't go too crazy

Talent Choices Top

[*] Seasoned Marksman lets you tear through enemies late game and increases you attack speed late game which also increases your survivability. Just remember to farm until you max.
[*] Templar's Zeal and Psionic Synergy work together to let you faster recharge your passive when in large teamfights.
[*] Phase Bulwark gives you more survivability.
[*] Shield Surge is the "impossible to kill" part of this build, this shield is so strong it's almost impossible to break.
[*] Force of Will makes sure your shield is always up. Now you have an impossible to break shield that is always up- truly unkillable.

[*] Your heroics Purifier Beam and Suppression Pulse don't really change this build. If you solo tank against a team of auto attackers you should take Suppression Pulse, just remember that it does nothing to non-auto attackers.

Notes (not part of the build) Top

[*] Sorry for my bad English
[*] I know this guide isn't in-depth so much, but it's my first guide and I'm not really planning on creating lots of guides in the future. It's just a nice, strong build I play with and I thought I might just share.

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