Azmodan - The Dunk Master by The Apothecary

Azmodan - The Dunk Master

By: The Apothecary
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2015
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Build: Dunk Master, NBA style

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Abathur is squishy and Azmodan has the range to murder him horribly if you can track down where he is hiding.
Murky Murky has very low HP, and at around the 10 minute mark you will begin to 1 shot him easily. Also if you can find his egg its easily sniped.
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Diablo Azmodan has no real "Threats" as he does not get close enough to care. However warriors generally have very high health so they are quite hard to peck down. For that reason I class them High. Consider this warning list more a Kill guide. Red means hard and Green means ha ha ha eat orb suckers.

The guide Top

Ok lads, this guide is for the ultimate in Dunking. This build requires to be patient. You are in this for the long run. You will NOT be charging off into battle but rather be hammering from the very very VERY backlines. You will be sniping enemies and objectives alike. I will warn you this guide takes time to learn and has a decent curve to it. However once I worked it out I have not lost a game in quite some time. This build will allow you to be ALL the damage on your team, push like the beast Azmodan is, and best of all you WILL win. I take no responsibility for teamates tho. I play with very talented people who know and react to my playstyle. If you are just in a random game I cannot guarantee they will not bring you down. What I will promise is you will hit VERY hard, you will very RARELY be brought down, and you will be pleased with your numbers. I am very much a number person. I understand numbers are not everything but If I have 300k siege damage and 70k Hero damage and we lost... odds are it was not by my hand that it happened and I can take comfort in that I played a very good game. So remember the key points to this guide. Also I give huge props to Maelven. My team mate and friend He is the one who put me on the path to ultimate Dunking so I give him his due credit. He helped make this build possible and as such deserves a portion of the credit. Thanks Buddy :D
1. Patients - Do not get over excited and try gunning in on your enemy. You will die and will lose precious farm. You have to wait until your Orbs are so powerful that a single hit will send your opponents running for the wells. I do not aggressively push until around level 19-20 and I am hitting for 1100-1300 with orbs.
2. NEVER overextend - This gets you killed. You die you are not farming. Simple and easy DO NOT OVER EXTEND. You are a long range champ so play long range.
3. Team work - You see that top lane that has 3 waves worth of enemy minions in it. Make sure you team knows you are heading up there to kill them. Make sure they understand that is where your damage comes from. MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND you NEED those kind of waves. You will be killing them all in 1 shot. a full wave is worth 14 damage to you. 3 waves is 42 damage. That is 73 damage onto your Pooled orb. Almost 100 damage. You cannot afford to lose that kind of damage due to poor communication. And hey if they are a marksmen tell em to stand next to them. They will still get all those yummy stacks.
4. TEAM WORK - This time I will rant about objectives and team fights. When I play I do not seek out fights until much late, however lord of hell forbid one break out I do not hesitate to help. Stay back and toss orbs. If you feel you being in the frey will help then go for it. Summons and Beam can still bring stuff down and you are tubby so will take a good beating. But remember if it is a lost cause then abandon it. You are in this to farm. Running in and dieing will NOT help you. Unless the fight is for the game then dont take chances. Sit back and throw orbs. End game you will decide the fight outcome. Land 1-2 Good orbs and your allies will easily clean up.

Opening Words Top

Hey guys, I am The Apothecary and I have read through many of these Azmodan guides and was very upset that this build has seen zero attention. So I will step up and give you guys the low down.

A little about myself. I have been playing Moba's since very early Dota. I am by no means a pro players nor do I stream (although I have been thinking about it) but I feel I have a good grasp on strategy and have played pretty much every Moba out there. I put a lot of faith behind this build and have tested it quite extensively. Azmodan is my go to character and although the current meta would suggest he is not a good choice I have time again proven that assumption wrong. If you are interested in Azmodan then give this build a try, it takes time to get it right but I give you my guarantee you will NOT be disappointed by the results. I generally end the game top of the charts in everything save healing. Now all that proves is that this build will not let you down when it comes to destroying keeps and you will PUNISH your enemies. Being a good team mate is up to you.

Abilitiesm - My thoughts Top

General of hell is a fine addiction. You will be using it to buff lanes that are not getting any enemy attention. With a map wide cast range this is very much a clutch skill.
How I use it - Generally with this build you will be wiping out minion waves like rice in a breeze. I will use this in my own lane after I flatten the enemy creeps along with 2-3 Summoned Demon Warriors. It makes for a ridiculous push. I also like to snipe it in If I see siege minions or Knights in a lane with no enemy hero.

Globe of Annihilation - Your bread and butter skill. This is where ALL your damage is going to come from. Generally end of the game with my pool down this is hitting for 1200-1600 damage. By the way that is generally 1/2-3/4 of most Assassin's health. To get max results you will be farming waves constantly but we will get into that late. Long Range and VERY hard hitting at a good mana cost
How I Use it - I will farm very hard until the game goes into late stage. Now that does not mean I dont help my team with objectives. I just generally don't actively seek out fights. Patience is the key to this skill. Once if has gotten to a high damage count (generally over 1k) I will start PUNISHING enemy towers and gates.

Summon Demon Warrior.. what can I say about these. They are quite weak and not effective in team fights, which is fine since you will not be getting close enough generally to use them. So you summon a little demon you smacks for little more than a normal creep. They should have renamed this skill Summon Extra Creep :\
How I Use It - These have but one use for me. Extra creeps for waves. They are also extra points for the marksmen skill so be cautious if you know the enemy has it. Other than that they eat tower ammo especially well and when used in conjunction with General of hell and you slap a pool under them they actually onom towers and keeps very well. They also take shots for you should you decide to get yourself some camps. However you will not be worrying about that as your Globe will easily kill camps without need for help.

Azmodan channels a beam of pure damage. I like to this of this ability as a fly swatter. It gets rid of bothersome pests that harass you. You will generally not be using this skill much in this build which may surprise you as this is in most other guides the bread and butter of Azmodan.
How I Use It - As I stated this is my fly swatter. If an Illidan jumps on me I will immediately use this and if he sticks around he dies. Azmodan is a very tubby hero so your health pool WILL last longer than any assassins. However do not be foolish enough to use this against something like a warrior. They generally have an interrupt for it and will shrug off its damage. Against warriors just run for cover. They will not do enough damage to bring down your massiveness before you reach safety as this guide you will NOT be to far forward.

Ahhh black pool. THIS is what makes this guide go from meh to ERMERGERD. Lay a pool down and any minions or mercs under it gain 75%damage while on it. This effect also works on YOU. So you are essentially hitting 75% harder while ontop of this. It has a VERY short cooldown (2 charges 20 second CD) so you are at 75% more damage half of every minute.
How I Use It - This really needs no explanation. Lay it down/Fire a globe/Profit. Its cooldown and Globes are so close together neither should ever be up without the other. If I can a solid minion push going I will happily surrender it and place it under them to mangle buildings. IMO this is Azmodans BEST ultimate no questions asked hands down broken. I would even rank it among best in game.

Damage an area and summon a swarm of bothersome gnat minions.
How I Use It - Well to be honest I don't. I do not like this ability and I find the minions it summons quite weak. Most use it to smash building or in team fights. Pool is the far superior choice tho. This is not used in this build.

Talents Top

Taste For Blood -Ok Ok this is where the flak will start flying. I have play tested both this and Sieging Wrath so I will go over the pro's and con's of both. ToB is very much a farm required talent and you will not start off with any additional damage. Which is why its a first tier talent. It is just like marksmen, you have to work on it and build it up. Yes it can be hard to get it rolling at the start which is why you start small. Auto the wizard minion and an archer minion and only aim for 2 at the start. When you have 10-16 bonus damage move on. Try and snag a sword minion in with them. If you can be at 40-50 damage by level 10 you will be in fine condition. The pro's are a more sure amount of damage that never stops going up. It does not require you to be far away to do max and at level 10+ just go up ridiculously quickly. The cons are it offers nothing at the start and can be harder to farm until you get your pool. But as I have stated you are in this for the long run. Even after you reach max level this ability NEVER stops going up in damage. The longer the match goes the stronger you become until you can start hitting their core for 10 percent an Orb. The most I have ever gotten this thing to is around 400 bonus damage. By the way we won that game. On the other hand Sieging gives you immediate reward and requires no building. If you are just testing the Azmodan waters I would take Seige just so you can get a taste of his damage potential. But when you wanna play with the big boys get this and giver.

Army Of Hell - Ok Ok I know I said demons were not very strong. But this fits with my build well. 1 more minion is 1 more body to eat ammo and deal damage. The other choice if you are being heavily harassed early would be Gluttony for its heal. I stay clear of Burn The Weak due to it goes against the playstyle which is stay back and safe. the other 2 are meh

Infernal Globe - This is a no brainer for any Az build. Faster orbs that burn after they hit. Currently you do not get extra damage from the burn however. I am REALLY hoping they change that but for not do not count on the burn to help get stacks on Globe. But it still can finish off enemies and the speed makes it very VERY hard to dodge unless you telegraph your shots.

Black Pool - Ok so this is bread and butter skill. The moment you get this the game starts for you. Farm Farm FARM with this thing.Clear entire waves in 1 shot. Punish your enemies. If this ability is up find a wave to kill with it. Orb on its own is ok, orb with this wins you games. Also do not be afraid to use it on a large wave to help power through an enemy outpost. Do me a favor right now. Go into HotS, if you don't own Azmodan play a test. Try orb out with this and see the awesome. EMBRACE IT FRIENDS!.

Hellforged Armor - This talent does not matter. Take what you like. I like Hellforge because it makes my minions take more ammo from towers and keeps. It also makes them tougher against minion waves. Most people prefer March of Sin, however as I have stated many times you should not be close enough to the action to be using your lazor. And when you are standing still is a fine option because if they run guess what your going to do. That's right you will be lining up a big old Pool Orb and finish them off.

Battleborn - You know whats better than killing an enemy with your orb, finishing them off with a minion spawned FROM your orb. This ability is also VERY handy at eating ammo from towers and keeps or finishing off minion waves. This plays well with your build and strat. The other choice is the buff to your General of Hell, but I like this. You will be firing enough orbs to see a great return.

Fifth Circle - This is a no brainer. Slow your opponents movement AND attack speed whenever you land a hit while in your pool. This breaks team fights. I also hear that if your allies are in your pool the slow works off them. I can neither confirm or deny this as I don't waste my orbs on my allies so. But take it and enjoy it. Slaughter the Weak as they try to scurry away like rats.

Game Play Top

Alrighty on to the gameplay. Nice and simple farm. Farm Farm Farm and then farm some more.

Confirm your playstyle with your team. Let them know what you need and what to expect. If you are on a 2 laned map it does not matter which you go in. I prefer the 2 man lane to the 3. 3 There is more chance of allies messing up and stealing precious minion kills.
3-lanes maps I go mid. This guarantees only 1 opponent and I have easy access to either lane in terms of clearing with orb. It is just the best setup

Do your best to farm. You will have trouble starting off. DO NOT get discouraged as this is just your warm up. Make sure to have at least 30 extra damage on your Orb before level 10. Make sure to not enter dangerous gank possible conditions. Keep back if you need to. Other than that poke away at creeps and then finish them off with Globe. I like to poke down the wizard and 1 archer and then wait until a sword minion is hurt enough to get all 3. Learn your orbs timing to get it down perfectly. If heroes jump on you just Lazor them until they die or run. If they run with a tiny bit of health then you know what to do >:).

Mid game. This is where you go from a mere demon of hell to THE LORD OF ALL SIN. Plant down pools and throw them orbs. Clear entire waves. Snowball Snowball Snowball. Never be afraid to back when you are oom. An oom Azmodan is a useless Azmodan. Help as best you can with objective but never put yourself in harms way if you already know the outcome of the fight. You do not deal amazing damage without Orbs and Pools, and you can do those from a ways away. That being said never forgot objectives. They make the game what it is and are VERY important. Also never stay in 1 lane. Clear your lane and throw demons out to push and them move to the next lane. Find a lane with the best bang for your buck.

250-300 Bonus Damage - This is end game for you. Begin being extraordinarily aggressive. Begin hammering down gates and keeps with Orb. Encourage team fights. Bring the enemy team down at this point. You will be strong enough to take most assassins and support down with 2 orbs. Punish them over and over. Also do not forget to continue your farm, this is easy as you will be farming with your pushes. Score some epic Dunks and most of all Have fun because really that's why you are playing this game right? Nail a 3 pointer and celebrate.

Whelp that is all for me and this guide. If I did not cover something make sure to let me know in the comments section. This IS my first guide EVER so Im not sure how it looks ;) If you are still not convinced you know what, hit me up for a game if I am on. Message me on here and I will happily get in a game with you. My play times are wonky however so it may be a weekend thing ;) Anywho lemme know what you guys think and happy Dunking.


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